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treasure hunting

  1. Yithian

    Reputed Site Of Gambling Magnate's Buried Treasure Sold For $1.9M In Pahrump After Suspicious Death

    PAHRUMP (KLAS) — It’s a story with all the makings of a wild west movie: casino executive Ted Binion’s suspicious death, buried silver and never found gold and diamonds, a treasure map, and possible arson is beginning a new chapter. The 138-acre Pahrump property where Binion’s silver stash was...
  2. Victory

    Are You Searching For The Golden Treasure Of The Entente Cordiale?

    A new treasure hinting book has just been published, reminiscent of 1970's book Masquerade. "The Golden Treasure of the Entente Cordiale" This one is written in two volumes, one in English, the other in French. I do not speak French, so will not be searching. Perhaps though, the winner will...
  3. Yithian

    Does Missing Mexican Gold Remain On A Hong Kong Hillside?

    This is a great little historical tale with a lot of rumour but some genuine 'stuff of fiction' twists. Missing gold on a Hong Kong hillside? History buffs return to plane crash site in search of truth - and treasure A cargo plane carrying Mexican bullion and gold worth millions today was...
  4. Bad Bungle

    80s Treasure Map TV Programme

    Can anyone remember a documentary on telly from the '80's (maybe) about a young chap who finds or inherits a treasure map and decides to check it's authenticity with a few of his Public School chums and a Film Crew ? I think they wound up on a small uninhabited Caribbean island (may have been...
  5. EnolaGaia

    Using Spirits To Find Treasure

    It appears that some looters and treasure seekers in the Middle East have resorted to employing jinn to help them - even to the extent of submitting to spirit possession for guidance ... FULL STORY: https://www.livescience.com/64130-middle-east-looters-spirit-possession.html
  6. maximus otter

    Astronaut’s Map Leads Treasure Hunters To "Columbus' Anchor"

    RESEARCHERS have used a “space treasure map” to make a remarkable discovery in the Caribbean — a centuries-old anchor believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’s ships. Analysis of the anchor, which was found off the Turks and Caicos Islands, reveals that it dates to between 1492 and...
  7. ramonmercado

    Buried Nazi Treasure (Other Than The "Gold Train")

    The Nazi Underground Is treasure buried beneath the mountains of Poland? Lower Silesia, in southwestern Poland, is a land of treasure hunters. Until the end of the Second World War, the region—covered by mountains and deep pine forests with towering, arrowlike trees—was part of Germany. In the...
  8. lopaka

    Cursed Delphic Treasure in Toulouse?

    This is as much an appeal for information as it is presenting it, but I was reading a book that mentioned a legend that treasure from Ancient Greece is sunk in a lake underneath the Basilica of St. Sernin in Toulouse, France. I tried googling to explore the story further, but have come up with...
  9. rynner2

    Forrest Fenn's Treasure

    A long article, in full: The man who buried his treasure in a poem Forrest Fenn, an art dealer told he was dying of cancer, has decided to leave a unique legacy: a fortune in antiquities hidden in the Rockies, and a cryptic poem that may lead right to it. But will his treasure ever be found...
  10. C

    Treasure Hunters / Tomb Raiders

    Hi, About 9-10 years ago I visited a rather unusual household while helping my father with his Reprographics business. We were delivering a Photocopier and it was a two man job to carry the machine into th customers detached semi-rural house. After setting up the copier and drinking tea I...
  11. rynner2

    Lake Toplitz (Austria; Alleged Nazi Treasure Dump Site)

    Austria to ban diving for 'Nazi diamonds' in Toplitz Lake Austrian authorities are seeking a 99-year ban on searching for Nazi diamonds worth millions at the bottom of Toplitz Lake in order to protect wildlife. Published: 11:16PM BST 01 Oct 2009 Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the last chief of the...
  12. A

    Oak Island Money Pit

    Where are they now - Oak Island Money Pit I first heard this story some years ago, but little since. I read that the owners of the island are currently in some legal wranglings but that future excavations are planned. I also read at Csicop that the Money Pit is more likely to be a natural...