1. Paul_Exeter

    The Centre For UFO Studies (CUFOS) Have Revamped Their Website

    Here: https://cufos.org A valuable resource whatever your stance on UFOs, with plenty of archive material including the first investigations into Rendleham: https://cufos.org/resources/classic-ufo-cases/#Rendlesham
  2. A

    Are UFOs & Ufology In Decline? If So—Why?

    Membership of saucer watchers and Ufology groups has been on a significant decline - but what are we to blame this on? You may vote on more than one of the above selections, or suggest your own reason.
  3. A

    Fundamentalist Ufology: 'Aliens' Are Demons

    As the product of a pretty literalist ( the Bible is God's facts with no room for ambiguity) Christian fundamentalist background, I never heard reports of UFO sightings scoffed at. Far from it. They were and are harbingers of the end time popularized in the Left Behind series of apocalyptic...