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  1. Paul_Exeter

    The Guardian: 'He Quit Heading The Pentagon’s UFO Office. His Report Has Shaken Up Ufology'

    "Sean Kirkpatrick has faced threats for his work – and a new report concluding no evidence UAPs represented extraterrestrial tech has sent ufology into a tailspin." “I’ve had people threaten my wife and daughter, and try to break into our online accounts – far more than I ever had as the deputy...
  2. Paul_Exeter

    The Centre For UFO Studies (CUFOS) Have Revamped Their Website

    Here: https://cufos.org A valuable resource whatever your stance on UFOs, with plenty of archive material including the first investigations into Rendleham: https://cufos.org/resources/classic-ufo-cases/#Rendlesham
  3. A

    Are UFOs & Ufology In Decline? If So—Why?

    Membership of saucer watchers and Ufology groups has been on a significant decline - but what are we to blame this on? You may vote on more than one of the above selections, or suggest your own reason.
  4. A

    Fundamentalist Ufology: 'Aliens' Are Demons

    As the product of a pretty literalist ( the Bible is God's facts with no room for ambiguity) Christian fundamentalist background, I never heard reports of UFO sightings scoffed at. Far from it. They were and are harbingers of the end time popularized in the Left Behind series of apocalyptic...
  5. A

    Is This The Men In Black's Number?

    On talksport the other week,a presenter claimed that he found the men in black's number whilst on the internet. He phoned the number up and this computer genertated voice came up with babble and saying weild stuff {for example "enter command". The next day i tried to find the number and was...
  6. J

    Nick Pope

    http://www.magonia.demon.co.uk/abwatch/aw12.html By Kevin McClure: