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  1. Moooksta

    Yellowstone Supervolcano Threat: Conspiracy Theories

    I was going to post this in Earth Mysteries but it probably belongs here.... LINK Should I start hoarding more tins of beans and water in that cave I have in NW Scotland?
  2. M

    Environmental Influences Affecting Volcanos / Vulcanism

    Its been known for a while that major influences on the lithosphere (like loading and unloading of ice at the beginning and end of an Ice Age - pos. leading to the saw tooth pattern we see) but this is a much more minor inlfuence - very interesting stuff (and possibly help in eruption...
  3. rynner2

    Volcanos / Volcanoes

    Now that Mount Etna is erupting again (brilliant satellite photos on the link) it seems a good time to ask whether there are any good Fortean stories about volcanoes. Or have we become so used to the scientific descriptions of them that they no longer have an other worldly aura? Certainly in...