Another lead on the miniature elephant


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Sep 23, 2001
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You may remember my vain search for the mysterious miniature elephant a few months ago:

I found a reference to the "Beyond Bizzare" series that confirms my sighting of the elephants on this show, specifically Episode 9:

Thai Water Elephants, an ancient belief, and its modern evidence,… in Thailand have been found and documented some very notable examples of the bodies of “Miniature Water Elephants”, tiny poisonous pachyderms that are said to inhabit remote rivers and streams,… investigations by scientists have so far been unable to prove or disprove the existence of these diminutive dumbos.

Has anyone seen the show in question? This does make me remember another aspect of the legend, that the tiny elephants are poisonous, although that might just be a story to keep people away from them.

In sum:

3-inch-tall elephants supposedly live in Thailand. Even though they're most likely a Jenny Haniver - style hoax, I'm obsessed with finding all the information I can about them, simply because they're so absurd.

More random data:

The miniature elephant is actually a symbol of Thailand.

A documentary on the mini elephants:

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The possibilities of there being tiny elephants that swim in the water is believable but the thing about this story that i cant get my head around is the fact that they are poisonous.
This could be superstition or story telling that has accumulated through the years but if these things do exist and they are poisonous that would make them the one of the only mammals on earth that are poisonious besides the platypus, shrews, hedgehogs and moles. This could also suggest that their diet consists of insects as i believe that this is the one thing that all the poisonious mammals have in common (i could be wrong) Anyways thanks for the info hachihyaku, ill need to read into this one further.


Hachihyaku, I don't know if you've seen it, but there's a thread that mentions tiny elephants at Just look in the forum.:)