1. ramonmercado


    Could We Colonize Ceres Like in SyFy's 'The Expanse'? "The Expanse" features a highly-developed Ceres colony whose gravity comes from the whole asteroid spinning. Living on real-life Ceres would be more of a challenge, at least at first. Credit: SyfyIn "The Expanse" on SyFy features a...
  2. Schwadevivre

    Asteroid Manipulation: Capture; Re-Use As Space Platform, etc.

    Via IBTimes (warning autoplay ad and mouseover ad) Personally I think this is NASA's latest attempt to troll conspiracy theorists
  3. A

    Just Wondering If There Is A Connection (Asteroid 2002 AA29 & Tunguska)

    This asteroid comes by every 95 years. So last time it came by was in 1908. hmmmm, 1908? As in June 30th 1908 Tunguska? Just a thought.... Cat-And-Mouse Asteroid Pulls Close to Earth Fri Jan 3,11:22 AM ET Add Science - Reuters to My Yahoo! WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An asteroid playing a...
  4. A

    Asteroid Near-Misses (AKA: Holy Shit! We're All Going to Die)

    Asteroid Nearly Hit Us—And Nobody Noticed One of the largest asteroids known to have approached the Earth flew past about 300,000 miles away on March 8, but nobody even noticed it until four days later. When the object, which has been named 2002 EM7, passed closest to the Earth, it was too...