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  1. EnolaGaia

    Ninja Bear (Stealthy Pest; Hokkaido Prefecture; Japan)

    This large predatory bear has been killing cows in Hokkaido Prefecture for circa 3 years. Authorities can't intercept it because this bear is unusually adept at avoiding surveillance and other security measures. FULL STORY...
  2. TangletwigsDeux

    Sarah Whitcher & The Bear

    Just saw this on reddit , thought it was interesting and the picture does most of the heavy lifting!
  3. escargot

    Congleton Bear (Town Bible Money Spent On Bear)

    ( Copied / Spun off from the Hartlepool(?) 'Monkey Hanging' thread.) OK, some silly people somewhere hung a monkey. For a REAL Elizabethan scandal, how about when people of Congleton sold the town's Bible to buy a dancing bear?
  4. Ermintruder

    Polar Bear Proclivities: Not Cool

    On (I think Wednesday 14 Sep?) the UK Radio 4 pre 6 o'clock news gapfill, there was a horrifying story being recounted by a British Arctic meteorologist about his personal experiences of his team's weather station / accomodation being broken into by a hungry polar bear. It had broken down the...
  5. ramonmercado

    Black Bears

    Trouble bruin? Will we have a Planet of the Bears? This could polarise debate.
  6. ramonmercado

    Brown Bears

    Actually, in the image it looks as if the bear is using a mobile phone!
  7. Q

    Wojtek: The 'Polish Soldier Bear' (World War II)

    this from a Czech chum in the edinburgh zoo there is a statue of WOJTEK. Wojtek was a bear that fought in the battle of Monte Carlo, in poland, in 1939, in WWII the bear was shipped to edinburgh zoo after the war. it killed nazis, so honor its soul and take a picture of the statue and...