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  1. EnolaGaia

    Clouds: Global Differences & Climate Impacts

    Clouds aren't the same the world over. In particular, there are differences in clouds, their occurrence, and their meteorological effects between the northern and southern hemispheres. Newly published research has identified some factors that begin to explain these differences and indicate...
  2. A

    The Cloud Appreciation Society: Rare & Unusual Formations

    Ok clouds are always strange but no as strange as this. Between 11:30pm and 00:15am there was a giant circle of cloud around the moon. The moon was quite high and it was a clear sky around it but then you saw a circle and behind that was a cloudy sky. I thought it was the circle of radiation...
  3. Ermintruder

    Rainbow Cloud Formation Visible Over British Isles

    Well, I could certainly see this, late today...did anyone else? My location was near Aviemore, and my view was nearly identical to Leicester's People across Leicester were left astounded this afternoon when an unusual cloud formation appeared in the sky. The formation, which looked like a...
  4. J

    Fallstreak Holes / 'Hole Punch' Clouds

    Source: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap040112.html What could create a huge hole the clouds? Such a hole, likely hundreds of meters across, was photographed last month from a driveway near Mobile, Alabama, USA. Very unusual to see, hole-punch clouds like this are still the topic of...