1. Yithian

    Discovery Of Human Thumb & Index Finger In Crow's Beak Sparks Police Investigation

    Crow drops mystery clue propelling murder probe in Istanbul BY DAILY SABAH WITH AGENCIES JUN 22, 2023 9:56 AM A bizarre and chilling incident unfolded at a local fuel station, capturing the attention of authorities and leaving the community bewildered. The discovery of a human foot's [sic]...
  2. henry

    Bizarre Voice In Mississippi

    this happened a couple of weeks ago, on afternoon of sunday 12th march in fact ... and not far from the locus of the bizarre night in mississippi i have been gradually exploring backroads of the mississippi delta by car over the last period, stopping and checking out historic blues places and...
  3. A

    Crow / Magpie / Corvid Superstitions

    I wouldn't say I'm superstitious. Just eccentric;) It's not that I believe certain things cause bad luck; I just have certain things I don't like. I salute magpies. ...
  4. P


    Are Crows more intelligent than Chimps, it seems they are capable of making tools. have a look.