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Discovery Of Human Thumb & Index Finger In Crow's Beak Sparks Police Investigation


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Crow drops mystery clue propelling murder probe in Istanbul​

JUN 22, 2023 9:56 AM

A bizarre and chilling incident unfolded at a local fuel station, capturing the attention of authorities and leaving the community bewildered. The discovery of a human foot's [sic] index and thumb inside the beak of a crow has prompted an investigation into what could potentially be a murder case. The Istanbul Police have launched a comprehensive probe to unravel the mystery that has gripped the area.

The unsettling incident occurred when Hayrettin Doğan, a private security guard stationed at the petrol station of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was conducting his routine security duties on Monday. To his astonishment, the crow swooped down and landed directly in front of him. Completely shocked, Doğan promptly contacted the police, recounting the extraordinary encounter. The area where the severed fingers were discovered was immediately secured for further examination.

The collected fingerprints and DNA samples have been sent to the Forensic Medicine department for analysis, intensifying suspicions of foul play. Seasoned detectives from the Homicide Bureau have joined the investigation, diligently scrutinizing the case. As part of their efforts, law enforcement is reviewing surveillance footage to find out the crow's flight path and determine its origin.

Authorities are also cross-referencing the discovered fingerprints with records of recently reported missing individuals, exploring potential connections.

Security guards present at the gas station expressed their shock and disbelief at the frightful incident. "Initially, we thought it was a joke, but as we approached, the gruesome reality became evident. The blood-stained fingers were swollen and fresh, leaving us utterly shaken," they shared.

urgh! Did the guard feel that the crow was showing them to him?

I'm thinking medical waste. Actually I'm HOPING medical waste .
I saw this story yesterday. I tried to find follow-up because I wanted to include it in my Weekly Weird Newsletter but I couldn't find another article about it in English. I suspect it's all in Turkish. The translation in this article was not great. Note where it's not clear if they are talking about fingers or toes. If it's a genuine news story, I suspect it might appear in other news outlets this week with additional details. That's what usually happens for wild stories like this. But often the truth gets blown out of proportion.
True ... but wouldn't it be very Fortean if the mystery body identification leads to the phenomonal distance the crow flew? Or, perhaps, there was a sort of relay race going on? Vulture flys off with large body bit, settles down for a snack, and the crow nicked a small bit and flew off with it until ...
An update from Haberet dated 24 June. Google translate seems a bit cavalier in its use of toes, fingers, hands and feet in its translations from Turkish. The pixelated picture in the article looks like a finger but may not necessarily be the finger.


In Eyüpsultan, Istanbul, Hayrettin Doğan was working as a private security officer at the fuel station belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. A crow was placed in front of Doğan while he was taking routine security measures on Monday. Upon landing, he threw the part of a human's index finger and thumb in front of Doğan.

New details about the incident have emerged. In the autopsy, it was stated that two fingers were cut very smoothly and a scalpel was used as a cutting tool. The police started to investigate whether there were any patients whose toes were cut in all hospitals, especially in the Eyüpsultan and Fatih districts. A study was also initiated on the possibility that the severed fingers belonged to someone who was murdered.

In the incident that took place last Monday at the fuel station of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Eyüpsultan, a crow threw two toes, which were determined to belong to the human foot, into the station. After the investigations by the police teams who came to the scene with the notice of the security guard, the fingers were taken to Forensic Medicine for fingerprint and DNA analysis.
A chilling secret event in Istanbul: Police rolled up their sleeves to solve the mystery of the human fingers left by the crow - Picture : 1

In the preliminary autopsy performed at the Forensic Medicine Institute, it was stated that two severed fingers, which were thought to belong to the same foot, were cut properly. In the details of the autopsy, it was evaluated that the cutting tool was likely to be a scalpel. Accordingly, it was possible that the fingers found were amputated as a result of surgical intervention in a hospital.


The police started to investigate whether there were any patients whose toes were cut in all hospitals, especially in the Eyüpsultan and Fatih districts. A study was also initiated on the possibility that the severed fingers belonged to someone who was murdered. However, in the research conducted in the surrounding area, no findings related to the murder could be reached.
I do believe some languages just refer to toes as foot fingers. I assume turkish could be one of them.