1. David Plankton

    British TV Show About Mythical Creatures

    Can you help identify this TV show? It was broadcast in the 1970's on the BBC and the time slot would be mid to late morning during the Summer holidays. Same time they used to show things like 'Why Don't You?' and 'The Banana Splits'. My memory tells me that it was presented by David...
  2. T

    Animals Sensing Humans' Imminent Deaths

    On a somewhat related note, one of the cancer hospices in my town keeps a cat in-house. According to the nurses, when the cat camps in a particular patient's room it means the patient isn't going to live through the night. The cat only seems to do this with patients who don't have any family...
  3. M

    Animals Formally Prosecuted / Executed For Crimes

    There are numerous cases of animals being put in th dock (I think one of the Books of Lists has a list of a number of cases) but surly tht wouldn't happen in this modern day and age?