1. Tunn11

    Spotless Giraffe

    Not sure whether this belongs here or not, but had it been seen in the wild it may have started a debate. I'd have thought it was more all spot than spotless, interesting though.
  2. maximus otter

    My Best Friend Is A 15-foot Tiger Shark Named Emma

    A diver who is best friends with a huge 15ft tiger shark that could attack at any moment says she is really just a big softie. Jim Abernethy, from Palm Beach Florida, has spent most of his life swimming with the top ten most dangerous shark species and says he’s never encountered an aggressive...
  3. Min Bannister

    Man Finds 8,000 Year Old Dolphin Bones In Garden What an amazing story! He was digging a pool for his children when he struck a bone. More details at the link.
  4. Sharon Hill

    Mystery Carcasses That Make The News: Internet Is Clueless

    A thread for decomposing animal carcasses that make the news because people think they are mysterious creatures It's a common thing for people to post their pictures of odd remains to social media. Sometimes these get picked up by news outlets because curious people love to click on stories...
  5. kamalktk

    Man Marries An Alligator

    'We love each other': Why a Mexican mayor married an alligator /and you thought your spouse was cold blooded...
  6. Yithian

    Discovery Of Human Thumb & Index Finger In Crow's Beak Sparks Police Investigation

    Crow drops mystery clue propelling murder probe in Istanbul BY DAILY SABAH WITH AGENCIES JUN 22, 2023 9:56 AM A bizarre and chilling incident unfolded at a local fuel station, capturing the attention of authorities and leaving the community bewildered. The discovery of a human foot's [sic]...
  7. kamalktk

    Judas Goats

    There were a couple of mentions of "Judas Goats" on the forums, but no information on what they actually were. tldr: tobacco addicted goats led lambs to the slaughter. Judas Goats: Agriculture’s Bizarre, Drug-Addicted Masters of Deceit Once Ruled the Killing Floor...
  8. ramonmercado

    Rare rainbow Sea Slug Found In Falmouth Rock Pool

    A rare rock pool find Rare rainbow sea slug found in Falmouth rock pool Published 2 hours ago I MAGE SOURCE, VICKY BARLOW Image caption, Vicky Barlow was looking around the pools of Falmouth when she found the rainbow sea slug A rock pooler has found a rare sea slug while searching around...
  9. oldrover

    Wolves In British & Irish folklore

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any folk tales which contain references to wolves and are likely to have been in circulation in Britain and Ireland during the 19th century. Thanks for reading.
  10. ramonmercado

    Children's Cat Cull Curtailed

    Were they trying to inspire incipient serial killers? New Zealand cat-killing competition for children axed after backlash A children's cat-hunting competition in New Zealand has been cancelled following backlash to the event. Organisers of an annual hunt were criticised after they announced...
  11. maximus otter

    US Scientists Turning Dead Birds Into Drones To Study Flight Techniques

    A research team in New Mexico is converting taxidermic birds into drones in order to study flight patterns. Mostafa Hassanalian, a mechanical engineering professor leading the project at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, said the team started looking into deceased...
  12. MrRING

    Bovine Blast Obliterates 18,000 Cows
  13. blessmycottonsocks

    The Most Alien-Looking Creatures Earth Has Produced

    I'm not counting those freakish creatures that evolved back in the Cambrian epoch, but was thinking of the most alien-looking animals around today. Here's my top 3. In 3rd place, the Devil's Flower Mantis. Thank goodness they don't grow to human size: 2nd, my favourite fish (and Predator...
  14. Tunn11


    Here's one I'd not heard of before. The idea that elephants self domesticated and a reference to the theory that early humans may have as well. Research article at...
  15. MrRING

    Haughty Dolphin Harassers Harangued Legally
  16. MrRING

    Dysentery Distress Determination: Dung-Eating

    This entry from this weekend's Jeff Kacirk's Forgotten English was a doozy, served with a size order of night soil.
  17. maximus otter

    Spinning Gorillas

    The reason gorillas spin themselves around in circles Apes turn rapidly to achieve an altered mental state and feeling of euphoria, just as the earliest humans did millions of years ago Gorillas and other apes spin themselves around in circles to get “high” – and early humans who lived...
  18. lordmongrove

    Animal Crime

    Persian criminals who included tortoises, cats and apes in their gangs...
  19. ramonmercado

    Monkeys Missing From Dallas Zoo In Fourth Suspicious Incident

    Who is attacking Dallas Zoo? Monkeys missing from Dallas Zoo in fourth suspicious incident IMAGE SOURCE,STEVE CLANCY By Imogen James BBC News Two monkeys have allegedly been taken from Dallas Zoo - adding to a series of suspicious events including the release of a leopard and a vulture's death...
  20. lordmongrove

    From Floating Market To Boot Camp & Death: The World's Fattest Monkey

    Uncle Fatty, the simian lard arse is sent off to lose weight. A monkey who has been given the nickname ‘uncle fatty’ is finally getting help for his obesity. The 33lb long-tailed macaque will go to boot camp after gorging on food from tourists including melons, milkshakes, sweetcorn and...
  21. EnolaGaia

    The Economic Benefits Of Wolves

    Newly published research indicates a wolf population provides a substantial net reduction in damages and expenses caused by deer. FULL STORY:
  22. maximus otter

    Monkey-Human Embryos Created In Lab For First Time

    In a move that some scientists say raises serious ethical questions, researchers have for the first time embryos that are a hybrid of human and monkey cells. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a professor in the Gene Expression Laboratories at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla...
  23. GNC

    Dogs Can't Track You Through a River (Urban Legend?)

    Maybe someone can clear this up: can a tracker dog follow your scent through a river or body of water? You see it certain films, the escapee getting away because they crossed a river (apart from in No Country for Old Men, which provides a twist on that cliche), but is it true in real life? I...
  24. Mikefule

    Orcas / Killer Whales Ramming Yachts / Sailboats

    A rare and Fortean sighting indeed: a science article from the BBC which is detailed, well written, balanced, looks at the likely causes and consequences, and doesn't trivialise or sensationalise! The story is of Orcas/killer whales following and repeatedly head butting yachts and fishing...
  25. Comfortably Numb

    Robot 'Spy' Gorilla Records Wild Gorillas Singing

    Robot 'spy' gorilla records wild gorillas singing and farting, because nature is beautiful Source: Date: 29 April, 2020 Mountain gorillas have been caught on camera as they "sing" during their supper, a behavior that has never before been documented on video. Filmmakers...
  26. IbisNibs

    Bird-Brained Turkeys & Other Animal Urban Legends & Fallacies

    Today I recalled a "fact" related to me years ago about domestic turkeys: they are so stupid that, if they are outside when it rains, they can drown because they look up in surprise at the rain coming down, and then drown because the rain gets into their lungs. Apparently this is not true, but...
  27. Ermintruder


    Something that never fails to amaze me is the vast and frequently-contradictory designs of camouflage seen woven or printed into the uniforms of the world's armed forces. Whilst the logic in a leap from red to khaki is inarguably-sound, it seems there has been from then onwards an...
  28. David Plankton

    British TV Show About Mythical Creatures

    Can you help identify this TV show? It was broadcast in the 1970's on the BBC and the time slot would be mid to late morning during the Summer holidays. Same time they used to show things like 'Why Don't You?' and 'The Banana Splits'. My memory tells me that it was presented by David...
  29. ramonmercado


    Everyone is tocking about this tick. LAST SUMMER, IN a town just outside New York City, a tick bit a man. This ought to sound unexceptional. Ticks are normal on the upper East Coast; after all, tick-transmitted Lyme diseasewas first identified next door, in Connecticut. But the tick that...
  30. D

    Exotic Birds In Great Britain

    A few nights ago I was sitting up watching late night TV, and heard what I can only describe as an exotic bird, it was loud and sounded to be just beyond the back door in my back garden - It was the sort of sound that you may hear, if you visited the bird house in your local zoo. Not wanting to...
  31. T

    Animals Sensing Humans' Imminent Deaths

    On a somewhat related note, one of the cancer hospices in my town keeps a cat in-house. According to the nurses, when the cat camps in a particular patient's room it means the patient isn't going to live through the night. The cat only seems to do this with patients who don't have any family...
  32. Merle

    Mouse Plagues (Swarming Mice; Australia & E. Asia)

    Living in Australia and having lived in the remote isolated hot desert ouback for years I can easily believe that story. However, for us it's not rats, but on occassions, mice plagues and they come out by the droves at night looking for food. With nothing much for them to eat where I lived, they...
  33. Ulalume

    Noises That Have Scared You

    There doesn't seem to be a general purpose thread for scary noises and spooky sounds, so here's one. Mods, if there's a better place for this, please feel free to move it. Tonight, I needed to go down to the nearest shop. It was about 11 PM, just before closing time. It was cold, windy and...
  34. Spookdaddy

    Climbers Hear 'Bloodcurdling Screaming' On Ben Nevis (Feb. 2015)

    Slightly old news, but intriguing – and, unless I’ve missed something in the mean time, I don’t think there’s been a resolution. I’ve had a quick shufty around the MB but can’t find that the following story ever made it here – which kind of surprises me. Bump me if I’m wrong. Full article...
  35. Yithian

    Battle Of Ramree Island

    Not being an expert on Crocodiles - Saltwater or otherwise - I find myself wondering: a) Is there a likely upper figure for a community or is this wholly dependant on food availability? b) Do crocodiles save food for later? Would there be a point at which they'd simply stop killing available...
  36. rynner2

    Mystery Monster Eats Shark!

    Godzilla? 9-foot great white shark EATEN by huge mystery sea monster, say scientists Jun 07, 2014 14:56 By Mikey Smith A nine-foot-long great white shark was eaten by a huge mystery sea monster, according to scientists in Australia. As the saying goes, there's always a bigger fish -...
  37. lordmongrove

    Wazzock Tries To Kiss Nurse Shark With Predictable Results

    Up until this video was shot, Florida diver Dave Marcel had an interesting habit when he encountered sharks. According to Animal Planet, he enjoyed flipping them over, then kissing and rubbing their stomachs. But when he decided to get a little friendlier and kiss a nurse shark on the lips, his...
  38. ramonmercado

    Invasive Species

    I think an Invasive Species thread is required, OOPA & OOPP don't quite fit the bill.
  39. W

    An Abundance Of Foxes

    On the way home from work (between Chislehurst and Greenhithe) I nearly hit 3 foxes at different spots, and have noticed lots of dead foxes (clearly hit by cars) in the road (more so than ever before). One fox was on the middle of a bypass roundabout. I wonder what's happening with them at the...
  40. ramonmercado

    The Piranha Thread

    Edit to amend title.
  41. ramonmercado

    Saber-toothed cats and bear dogs: How they made cohabitation

    When cats and dogs lived together in peace.
  42. ramonmercado

    Black Bears

    Trouble bruin? Will we have a Planet of the Bears? This could polarise debate.
  43. ramonmercado

    Brown Bears

    Actually, in the image it looks as if the bear is using a mobile phone!
  44. Spudrick68


    OK I'm quite a serious arachnophobe. I think I picked it up off my mum when I was a kid. I've been thinking about it again because I had a conversation with a bloke at work about the bird eating spider. He mentioned attempts to find the chicken eating spider. I'm not as bad as I used to be...
  45. ramonmercado

    Reintroduced Animals

  46. rynner2

    Strange Bird Behaviour (General; Miscellaneous)

    Goose photographed flying upside down ... -down.html Link is dead. The MIA webpage can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
  47. marion

    Dolphins & Porpoises (Miscellaneous; General)

    Pink dolphin ... ID/125.htm Link is dead. Here's the text of the MIA article, salvaged from the Wayback Machine ... SOURCE:
  48. ramonmercado

    Snakes (General; Miscellaneous) edit to amend title.
  49. Mouldy13

    Mammoth Survival?

    I remember reading somewhere years ago that an egyptian wall painting showing some gifts being given to one of the early Pharoahs "quite clearly shows a juvenile mammoth". I can't remember exactly where I read it though. Anyone got any Ideas?
  50. T

    Chigeon? Pigken? Photoshop? The English Pouter!

    Link unrecoverable, animal identified below Now that's some weird creature. My head says its been 'shopped, my gut says real - however impossible that may be. It's the noise it makes. Truly sinister. Wadd'ya all reckon? obviously move merge mods if ive repeated someone else's groove...