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Fortean Feats Of Feline Endurance


Apr 12, 2005
The Netherlands
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Cat survives 52 days in a vacant house in Schiedam

During their first visit to the house, the brand new owners of a house in Schiedam found a tomcat that had been locked up there for 52 days. Although the animal is skinny, it is perfectly healthy, the regional animal ambulance reports on Facebook.
Because the house was purchased through an auction, no one had visited the house in the meantime.
Finn was taken to an emergency clinic of an animal shelter and was put on the drip there. Many pieces of paper were found in his stool. Presumably, the tomcat tried to feed on that.
The cat would still look a bit upset after his lonely period, but that behavior should disappear on its own, reports the animal ambulance. The police would investigate what happened to the previous owner and how it is possible that the cat was alone for so long.

This inpired me to search for "cat survives". This yielded:

Cat survives twenty minutes in rotating washing machine - 2007

A ten-week-old kitten came out of the washing machine alive in County Durham, England. The 11-year-old daughter of the house discovered that her pet was locked in the device, cat Molly had been running with the laundry for twenty minutes.
"When we were finally able to open the door, she was sitting up in the machine with her eyes closed," startled owner Sonia Hall told the BBC.
Against Hall's frightened expectations, the young cat was still alive.
Molly had eye and breathing problems from the anxious adventure, but is now making up for it.

Cat survives ride in tumble dryer - 2001

TERBAND - Gurbe, a reddish-brown male (9) from Friesland, has desperately needed his nine lives during his stay in a working tumble dryer. His vet even calls him a miracle cat. Gurbe was in the machine for an hour and a half and he is still alive.

His boss Metha de Bruin from Terband in Friesland panicked completely when she wanted to take the laundry out of the dryer on Monday evening. She thought he was dead. "The beast was completely stiffened and was covered in blood. The tumble dryer was covered in hair." Because Metha did not dare to grab her cat, she called an acquaintance. When she wanted to get Gurbe out of the tumble dryer, the cat was gone.

On Tuesday, the beast was found in the coal shed. He was in bad need. In the meantime, the beast has been slightly refurbished. He drinks and eats again, but sleeps a lot. According to the vet, Gurbe is in shock, but he recovers.

Cat survives washing machine - 2013

A young kitten played a complete program in a washing machine. Miraculously, the critter survived the wash.
Gollum, the eight-week-old kitten of 22-year-old Lauren from Larkfield, Uk, had been hiding in a pile of laundry when the lady of the house went to vacuum.
After vacuuming, the woman put the laundry in the machine and turned a wash. She didn't realize that she had accidentally put her kitten in the machine as well.
When the laundry program was over, Gollum emerged along with the clean laundry. The animal was unconscious but was still breathing.

Cat survives collision due to car - 2014

A cat was hit in Switzerland by a car that was driving more than a hundred kilometers per hour and was then dragged more than sixteen kilometers. The cat survived the accident.
When Gruber parked her car sixteen climbers away, she found the cat, and she called the police. To gruber and the police's surprise, the cat appeared to be alive, but a vet had to be called in to free the animal from the grille.
The cat appeared to have burns to her ears, because they had been very close to the engine. The cat was taken to a veterinary clinic, where she is now being cared for. In the meantime, the owners of Quasimodo are being searched for.

Cat in crate survives long boat trip - 2007

A Chinese cat has survived a five-week boat trip without food or drink. The cat was in a closed coffin with motorcycle helmets, which was transported by boat from China to the United States. That's what the BBC reports on Monday.
The cat was found by a store owner in North Carolina. "I was surprised to find a cat among the motorcycle helmets," the man said. The cat turned out to be still alive, although it was very weakened. The shopkeeper immediately called the animal ambulance.
"Most animals can normally only live without water for a few days," a veterinarian told news agency AP. "However, cats have such good kidneys that they can sometimes survive longer."
The cat, which has been given the name China, makes up for it according to circumstances.

Cat survives fall of eleven floors - 2013

A cat survived a jump out of the window of an Alaskan apartment on the eleventh floor.
The 2-year-old cat, named Wasabi, was on a mosquito hunt in the apartment in Juneau, in the U.S. state of Alaska. The mosquito escaped through the open window, and Wasabi jumped after the insect.
Stephanie Gustafson, Wasabi's owner, found the cat in the parking lot near the apartment building. The cat was injured but still alive, the Juneau Empire reports.
Wasabi has now undergone surgery. Her broken leg is held together by metal pins. She also has pink plaster around her broken leg. The veterinarian assumes that the cat will be completely healed within six weeks.
Awwww, what tough kitties! :loveu:

More attentive posters might remember the time we 'lost' our tomcat Tim.
He considerately reappeared to great rejoicing, after nearly a week missing, presumably accidentally shut in a nearby shed or garage.

In the meantime we'd recovered and had cremated what appeared to be his earthly remains. :rolleyes:
This kitten got trapped in a car's engine compartment and survived a 230-mile trip without injury or burns.
Kitten survives 230-mile trip in engine compartment of car

Animal rescuers in Britain said a kitten survived a journey of about 230 miles from Wales to Leeds, England, in the engine compartment of a car.

The RSPCA said the driver told rescuers he arrived in Leeds and opened the hood of the car to investigate a strange noise initially thought to be a problem with the engine. ...

The man called the RSPCA when he realized there was a kitten trapped in the engine and it did not come out when he offered it food.

"I managed to reach the poor kitten and bring him to safety," animal rescue officer Rebecca Goulding said in a news release. "He was absolutely covered in grease, but thankfully had no injuries so he's a very lucky cat.

"The caller explained that they'd heard a strange noise all the way from South Wales and had assumed it was something wrong with the engine." ...
FULL STORY: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/0...ine-car-Wales-to-Leeds-England/9231630523130/