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My Best Friend Is A 15-foot Tiger Shark Named Emma

maximus otter

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Aug 9, 2001
A diver who is best friends with a huge 15ft tiger shark that could attack at any moment says she is really just a big softie.

Jim Abernethy, from Palm Beach Florida, has spent most of his life swimming with the top ten most dangerous shark species and says he’s never encountered an aggressive one yet.

But ever since meeting Emma in 2001 when he removed a fishing hook from her mouth, the pair have formed a very special bond that has lasted over two decades.


The underwater photographer and diver says tiger shark Emma is just like a loveable "Labrador" who loves to bump noses with Jim as soon as he jumps in the water at Tiger Beach.

Emma and Jim use hand signals to communicate and one of her favourite things is to get a head rub from her best pal.

He affectionately calls The 15-footer his "supermodel."


maximus otter