1. lordmongrove

    Wazzock Tries To Kiss Nurse Shark With Predictable Results

    Up until this video was shot, Florida diver Dave Marcel had an interesting habit when he encountered sharks. According to Animal Planet, he enjoyed flipping them over, then kissing and rubbing their stomachs. But when he decided to get a little friendlier and kiss a nurse shark on the lips, his...
  2. ramonmercado

    Invasive Species

    I think an Invasive Species thread is required, OOPA & OOPP don't quite fit the bill.
  3. W

    An Abundance Of Foxes

    On the way home from work (between Chislehurst and Greenhithe) I nearly hit 3 foxes at different spots, and have noticed lots of dead foxes (clearly hit by cars) in the road (more so than ever before). One fox was on the middle of a bypass roundabout. I wonder what's happening with them at the...
  4. ramonmercado

    The Piranha Thread

    Edit to amend title.
  5. ramonmercado

    Saber-toothed cats and bear dogs: How they made cohabitation

    When cats and dogs lived together in peace.
  6. ramonmercado

    Black Bears

    Trouble bruin? Will we have a Planet of the Bears? This could polarise debate.
  7. ramonmercado

    Brown Bears

    Actually, in the image it looks as if the bear is using a mobile phone!
  8. Spudrick68


    OK I'm quite a serious arachnophobe. I think I picked it up off my mum when I was a kid. I've been thinking about it again because I had a conversation with a bloke at work about the bird eating spider. He mentioned attempts to find the chicken eating spider. I'm not as bad as I used to be...
  9. ramonmercado

    Reintroduced Animals

  10. rynner2

    Strange Bird Behaviour (General; Miscellaneous)

    Goose photographed flying upside down ... -down.html Link is dead. The MIA webpage can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
  11. marion

    Dolphins & Porpoises (Miscellaneous; General)

    Pink dolphin ... ID/125.htm Link is dead. Here's the text of the MIA article, salvaged from the Wayback Machine ... SOURCE:
  12. ramonmercado

    Snakes (General; Miscellaneous) edit to amend title.
  13. R

    Penguin Book Of Ghosts Reveals Most Haunted Places

    From screaming skulls and headless horsemen to murdered brides and phantom farmers, English folklore is full of spine-tingling ghost stories. By Peter Griffiths Reuters - Friday, May 9 11:24 am LONDON (Reuters) Terrified witnesses speak of seeing ghostly armies marching through the fog...
  14. Mouldy13

    Mammoth Survival?

    I remember reading somewhere years ago that an egyptian wall painting showing some gifts being given to one of the early Pharoahs "quite clearly shows a juvenile mammoth". I can't remember exactly where I read it though. Anyone got any Ideas?
  15. T

    Chigeon? Pigken? Photoshop? The English Pouter!

    Link unrecoverable, animal identified below Now that's some weird creature. My head says its been 'shopped, my gut says real - however impossible that may be. It's the noise it makes. Truly sinister. Wadd'ya all reckon? obviously move merge mods if ive repeated someone else's groove...
  16. OneWingedBird

    Sea Monkeys

    Was flipping through the Hawkin's Bazaar catalogue that they sent out to leadeth me into temptation, when i saw that they sell 'sea monkeys'. I remember these from the comics of the 1970s, esp. the american ones that had really exagerated pictures of what the sea monkeys were supposed to look...
  17. rynner2

    How Do Woodpeckers Avoid Brain Damage?

    Here we go again!
  18. ramonmercado

  19. rynner2

    Abnormally Coloured Lobsters
  20. ramonmercado

    The Parrot Thread

  21. N

    Bugs, Insects & Creepy Crawlies

    EDIT This a general thread for discussion on insects that do not necessarily fit under Cryptozoology i.e. they're not a new species and or a rediscovered species. Thanks, TheQuixote ------ I found a couple of huge insects on the web in the last week, I realise these ones have...
  22. G

    Belyaev / Belyayev Fox Domestication Experiments (USSR; 1950s Onward)

    Has anybody heard of the fox breeding experiment carried out over 40 odd years in Russia by a chap called Belyaev? Apparently he set about to breed a tame fox and selected rigorously for more than average tameness. After several years of selective breeding he had his tame foxes, BUT the...
  23. ramonmercado

    Shark Attacks

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  24. ramonmercado

    Whale 'Vomit' Sparks Cash Bonanza

  25. ramonmercado

    Pigs / Swine

  26. ramonmercado

    Birds: Miscellaneous Notes, Observations, Etc.

  27. ramonmercado

    Bees Co-Existing / Interacting With Humans

  28. ramonmercado

    Monkey Culture

  29. ramonmercado


  30. B

    The Two Varieties Of Tabby Cat

    Dunno if this should be on the cryptozoology page or not, but what the hell... Anyway, I heard a long time ago (don't know if it was a book, TV show or what) that the reason why there appear to be two varieties of domestic tabby cat - one with a stripy, 'tigerish' pattern to its coat, the...
  31. M

    Mosquitoes: Research Toward Negating Them As Disease Vectors ... to-ON.html File under "WTF?" :wtf:
  32. M

    Fossil Fish Fossils illuminate fish evolution Fossils of an ancient fish - dating back 450 million years, when the creatures had neither bones nor teeth - have been found in South Africa. The finds, which are 50 million years older than any other...
  33. A

    Unexplained Cat Sounds

    When I was 15/16 years old and still leaving at home I had some strange experiances with noise's. My mum would pop down the local tennents association 3 nights a week to play bingo leaving me alone in our flat with our 3 cats.My cats have this annoying habit of getting in the litter tray which...
  34. M

    Bioluminescent (Light-Producing) Organisms

    Source (requires free registration)
  35. D

    Hybrid Animals

    How often do animals in the wild cross breed? I know lions, tigers and leopards have crossed in captivity but has it ever happened in the wild? Can Chimps and Bonobos (pygimy chimps) cross? Anyone know of any other combinations that have occurred in the wild?
  36. M

    The Hoop Snake

  37. ramonmercado

    Remarkable Mice

    No Blind Mice, Thanks To UF Scientists 07 Jan 2005 University of Florida stem cell scientists reported today (Jan. 3) that they have prevented blindness in mice afflicted with a condition similar to one that robs thousands of diabetic Americans of their eyesight each year. Writing in...
  38. M

    The Crocodile Thread

    Well if Alexius had said Sufi's ha mystic crocs I'd probably have signed up on the spot!!!! Source
  39. M

    Can Animals Predict Earthquakes?

    [edit: I thought this deserved its won thread - it was split off from "Earthquake Prediction Advances": Link is obsolete. The current link is: where you can...
  40. M

    New Zealand's Bizarre Birds

    Bizarre birds I've dated a few and it seems NZ is chock full of them:
  41. ramonmercado

    Animal Rescue

    Landlord's kiss saves spin kitten [Emp edit: A general thread for animals being rescued in strange and unusual ways as opposed to Animals to the Rescue: where the animals do the rescuing.] Landlord's kiss saves spin...
  42. W

    'Drop Bears'

    time to confess about our australian "drop bears" According to legend, Drop Bears are dangerous creatures that hide in gum trees. You can tell if one of them is hiding in a tree by lying on your back beneath the tree and spitting upwards. If the Drop Bear is up there, it'll spit back...
  43. M

    Whale Beachings

    I know there have been lots of theories about this (including ley lines, contintental drift, etc.) but perhaps we are getting closer to answer. Emps
  44. E

    The Cat Speaks English

    We "adopted" two kittens in October, 2003: one gray and white (but not striped) about 9 weeks old and the other a Siamese-looking, blue-eyed sweetie who is probably of mixed heritage who was about 10 weeks old at the time. Right from the first day at our house, the Siamese, named Ursula...
  45. escargot

    Attacks By Seagulls

    This was on R4 just now. One woman interviewed won't leave her house without carrying a broom to beat off aggressive seagulls and newspaper deliveries have ceased as the kids are too scared of being pecked as they ride along. Residents of the seaside town of Monkseaton have become terrified...
  46. gyrtrash

    Werewolf Sightings In North Yorkshire

    Can anyone furnish me with any information, links, books etc. that describe the purported activities of a werewolf in East Yorkshire? I believe the beast could be found around the village of Flixton... Cheers Dave:)
  47. M

    The Hippopotamus / Hippo Thread
  48. M

    Parasites, Insects, Etc., Infesting The Human Body

    Insect infestation For when insects and other creepy crawlies get under your skin (literally). WARNING: May contain unpleasant stories: From the front page: Emps
  49. MrRING

    The Frog Menace

    African Frogs Threaten San Francisco Area By MIELIKKI ORG, Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO - California biologists are alarmed over the latest invasive species to take up residence in this city: African clawed frogs, which eat just about anything and tend to breed like crazy. Even...
  50. M

    Amazing Animals

    Jut a general thread for when the animals aren't attacking people or helping them or undergoing long journeys or suckiling the young of different species or......... Not flushing?? Why do I bother. Mark this puddy down as 'Must...