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  1. S

    Fragment From World's Oldest Bible Found Hidden In Egyptian Monastery

  2. K

    Egyptian Archaeology: Projects, Discoveries & Findings

  3. J

    Egypt's Serapeum & Giant Stone Boxes

    Here's some interesting and baffling stone artifacts recently opened to the public in Egypt. Simply incredible.
  4. MrRING

    Egyptian Mummies (Humans)

    How To Make A Mummy German Team Finds Secret of Mummies' Preservation By Chris Slocombe LONDON (Reuters) - A German research team has unravelled the mystery of how the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead, using sophisticated science to track the preservative to an extract of the cedar...
  5. OneWingedBird

    Egyptian Mummies (Animals)

    Thousands of mummified cats were quite famously ground up for fertiliser, which is one of the reasons very few of this type of mummy survive today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/A641378 Link is dead. No alternative or archived version found. There's a cat mummy in the medical...
  6. MrRING

    The Sphinx (Great Sphinx Of Giza)

    Riddle of the... I thought there was some report about a hollow room under the paws of the Sphinx (maybe an Edgar Cayce vision) and that the existance of it had been confirmed by science. Does anybody else remeber this and if any excavation has been attempted?
  7. A

    The Pyramids Of Giza

    The Great Pyramid Anyone got any more info on this subject?. I'm not totally clear, but I recall reading something to suggest that a secret door was to be opened to 1998 that would hopefully reveal the hall of records.
  8. U

    Pyramids' Powers (Pyramid Power; Pyramidology)

    I noticed in the latest issue of FT there is an ad for a pyramid kit. I've heard before about various strange powers that pyramids are supposed to have such as sharpening razor blades, keeping things fresh etc. Has anyone here experimented with pyramids? If so, what was the result? Or...