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folk horror

  1. merricat

    West Country Tales & Other Folk Horror Gems

    I tried to locate an existing thread on which to share this yet couldn't find one that felt fitting. Please merge into another if that feels appropriate. I love searching for old folk horror or uncanny fictions on youtube, and have amassed a nice little playlist over the past few years. I...
  2. Cherrybomb

    Folk Horror

    Hi all Here's something thats been bothering me recently: What is the difference (if there is one) between Folk horror and the Fortean? :confused:
  3. A

    The Wicker Man

    I was away last week, and can't believe that no one has started a post about the new DVD/video release. This is a definitive film, it couldn't be made today, and it's brilliant. The acting is class, music well integrated into the film, the story is well written and researched, and every man...