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  1. H

    Ghost Tales From Everyday People

    I am 60 this year, and I have been amazed just how many rational people have admitted they have either seen or felt a ghost. I got to talk intimately with men and women when I was a nurse and carer, so perhaps they felt they could confide in someone who would give them a sympathetic ear. I...
  2. I

    Hospital Happenings Of The Supernatural Kind

    I thought I'd share some stories that my wife has told me over the years regarding her experiences working on one of the wards at the local midwifery hospital. I'll give a little background about the ward first to put things in perspective. This particular ward is were terminations are...
  3. escargot

    Colin Norris: The 'Angel Of Death' Nurse

    Nurse to be questioned on deaths of 19 patients Is this sort of thing happening more often, or are we just hearing about it more? As far as I know there are at least 2 other such cases being investigated in English hospitals right now.
  4. A

    Ghost Hotel In New York

    GHOST HOTEL Jared Keeler I have long believed that spirits (ghosts, if you will) are present on earth. This opinion is, of course, from the multitude of accounts of sightings....some from my own family members. I have lived in a "haunted house" myself, and although I had not witnessed a...