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  1. Aydee_Aitchdee

    Fortean Memes & Jokes

    Couldn't find a thread this fit into, so the obligatory "move to the right thread if this aint it" to the mods. I think this site needs a forum of Fortean Memes and to kick things of...
  2. AnonyJ

    Why Are Chickens Funny?

    A strange question - but they seem to be regarded as funny all around the world. Is it their long history of domestication - but we don't seem to imbue ducks, geese, doves or pigeons with quite the same mirth-index. Could it be their appearance or demeanour? But turkeys are far odder looking...
  3. Blinko_Glick

    We Are Zogg

    I first found this several years ago and it made me chuckle muchly. I'm sure it's been on this board before, but I can't find it, so here it is again: ARCHIVED LINK WITH IMAGES: https://web.archive.org/web/20050507150635/https://www.whatisdeepfried.com/zogg/zogg1.html
  4. CarlosTheDJ

    Rude & Suggestive Place Names

    From the Sussex Express http://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/39Rude39-street-names-to-be.4852652.jp Both Juggs Road and Cockshut Lane are within two minutes skating distance of my front door! There is also a pub called "The Juggs" in Kingston-near-Lewes...imagine being a barmaid there :shock:
  5. MrRING

    Terry Pratchett

    [Emp edit: Merged a couple of threads to make a general TP / Discworld thread. See also: The 4 Bikers of the Apocalypse... www.forteantimes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=362 ] ------------------------- Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge If anybody here is a Discworld fan, there is a...
  6. MrRING

    Carry On Fortean

    Anybody here a fan of the Carry On series? Are they considered fun and witty or just one step above Benny Hill or what? I've only seen two, Carry On Screaming and Carry On Up The Jungle, but I thought both were pretty fun. But I know some things that are funny are pretty universally liked...
  7. P

    Oh, The Irony

    Hunger talks start with lobster and foie gras THE opening day of the UN World Food Summit, dedicated to combating global hunger, was marked yesterday by a sumptuous lunch for the 3,000 delegates served by 170 Italian waiters. The summit leaders were offered foie gras, lobster, and goose...