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  1. ramonmercado

    Historical Coin Hoard Found Buried Under Dorset Cottage

    Likely a Civil War hoard. Historical coin hoard found buried under Dorset cottage 8 hours ago A buried hoard of coins dating to the 16th and 17th Centuries has been found during renovation work on a cottage. The cache of more than 1,000 gold and silver coins was discovered under an earth floor...
  2. EnolaGaia

    Odd Or Unique Coins

    This Swiss commemorative limited issue coin is odd enough for depicting Einstein sticking out his tongue. The weirdness is heightened by the fact the coin is so small a magnifying glass is included so you can clearly see the image. SOURCE: https://apnews.com/911b9ab38691e43f5a431975a7ab336d
  3. EnolaGaia

    Mysteriously Hidden, Abandoned Or Discarded Money

    We have multiple threads relating to discovering money, all of which tend to focus on cash that could simply have been lost or misplaced. [All now combined here: http://forum.forteantimes.com/index.php?threads/money-from-out-of-the-blue.1470/ - Yith] I'm starting this thread on the distinct...
  4. gattino

    Lottery Dream

    I know I started a thread a couple of years ago about the sheer number of people who, if you google it, say their lottery win was foretold in a dream or by a psychic. But I can't find it. I'm pretty sure I've had dreams suggestive of me having such a win myself ...and in the end I did nothing...
  5. Quake42

    The Abolition Of Cash

    There's the beginnings of a movement around abolishing cash for more than very small purchases. It tends to be couched in terms of stopping money laundering/financial crime/terrorism. Various stories being planted in the media, the most recent here...
  6. Swifty

    See A Penny, Pick It Up (Superstition / Luck Related To Money Found)

    This rhyme varies ... See a penny, pick it up and all day you'll have good luck. I've heard a humorously modern version that ends with " .. and all day you'll have a penny" I still pick up every penny I see. The rhyme has older roots apparently ...
  7. OneWingedBird

    Rigging Of Interest Rates

    This story has surprised me as I'd have to confess I never even realised this was possible, whereas it now seems a number of banks have been at it. I'd certainly welcome input here from those who know more about how this works than I do. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32903415 Sounds...
  8. R

    Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

    I couldn't find a bitcoin thread so I thought I would start one. To anyone that is unfamiliar with bitcoin, it is is a cryptocurrency created by the mysterious "Satoshi Nakamoto" in 2008. Nakamoto has never been identified and is likely to be a pseudonym. It is not known whether "he" is an...
  9. mrpoultice

    Ruined Cash

    How odd, A mad millionaire? A jealous partners revenge? A crime gone wrong? I live in Lincolnshire, so if the person involved has any still going spare, I will gladly save them the trouble of cutting it up :wink: Source the BBC Mr P
  10. A

    Magic Money / Cash Apports: The Opposite Of Disappearing Coins

    I started at Huddersfield University in September 1993. I couldn’t move into Halls as I lived to close to the University so instead I moved into a shared house with 3 other girls. As I was unpacking my stuff I noticed a half penny coin on the floor near the door of my wardrobe. I found this...
  11. M

    Poker & Gambling Tales

    Hi, Does anyone have any Poker / Gaming / Gambling related fortean tales. Just out of interest realy, the related threads seem to just list types of gambling or games. Has any one ever come across a tale of a cursed game or gambler. Or on the otherhand any luck stories, someone who...
  12. A

    Laser Scanners At The Casino: 'Sting' Uncovers Hi-Tech Cheating Scam

    ARCHIVED SOURCE: https://web.archive.org/web/20040612235633/http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-13023146,00.html Three people have been arrested on suspicion of swindling more than £1m from the Ritz casino. The two men and one woman from Eastern Europe were held after scooping the...
  13. ShadowPrime

    "Ghost Lights" / Money Connection?

    Purely for your enjoyment...(Hopefully! ;) )... Ever since I was MUCH younger, my Mother has relayed a ghost story of sorts, from HER youth, that intrigued me... in large part because, taking her at her word (Hey, we are talking about my MOTHER here! :D ), there was tangible evidence to go...
  14. A

    Money From Out Of The Blue (Cash Found Or Unexpectedly Received)

    I just wondered if anybody has ever found a large amount of money on the street or received money in a strange way.
  15. A

    Oak Island Money Pit

    Where are they now - Oak Island Money Pit I first heard this story some years ago, but little since. I read that the owners of the island are currently in some legal wranglings but that future excavations are planned. I also read at Csicop that the Money Pit is more likely to be a natural...