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  1. AnonyJ

    Family Find Juvenile Owl Living In Their Christmas Tree

    Luckily, no harm seems to have been caused and the young owl was released into wide blue yonder via the family's back garden! From https://news.sky.com/story/family-find-baby-owl-living-in-christmas-tree-13031464 "...Every year the White family of Lexington, Kentucky, pick their own tree and...
  2. Ulalume

    Noises That Have Scared You

    There doesn't seem to be a general purpose thread for scary noises and spooky sounds, so here's one. Mods, if there's a better place for this, please feel free to move it. Tonight, I needed to go down to the nearest shop. It was about 11 PM, just before closing time. It was cold, windy and...
  3. Spookdaddy

    Climbers Hear 'Bloodcurdling Screaming' On Ben Nevis (Feb. 2015)

    Slightly old news, but intriguing – and, unless I’ve missed something in the mean time, I don’t think there’s been a resolution. I’ve had a quick shufty around the MB but can’t find that the following story ever made it here – which kind of surprises me. Bump me if I’m wrong. Full article...
  4. ramonmercado