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photographs & photography

  1. Quercus

    Camera Strangeness In Co.Down

    I used to love taking photographs on a film camera, especially of old, forgotten places. Blogs like Abandoned Ireland enthralled me, with their ethereal depictions of old dwellings and businesses lost to time itself. Sometimes I think I should go back to taking photographs like that again – and...
  2. C

    The Only Ghost Photo I Ever Found Convincing. What Do You Think?

    These photos were taken by holiday makers in 1988 at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Maurach, Austria. On the last night of a holiday they decided to take a group photo, they put the camera on a table and set the self timer so they could all be in it. For the first photo the flash did not go off...
  3. sudi5

    Do You See What I See?

    I was doing some genealogical sleuthing on my husband's paternal line and looked up a house in New York where his great-grandfather had lived. (His name was Cornelius Hayes and amazingly, the house was still there. He lived in this house in 1898.) So, from Google maps I have a screen shot of...
  4. Paul_Exeter

    Interview: Pilot David Hastings's Mojave UFO Photo [1985]

    Definitely one of the better photographic evidence cases:
  5. I

    Photographic Anomalies At The Hellfire Caves In West Wycombe (13 May 2015)

    Hi Everybody, I've just joined the forum earlier this evening. It was recommended that I post what happened to me here. It's my first thread and I hope I don't transgress any of the site rules in doing so nor make a general mess (such as links not working etc). If I do then please accept my...
  6. rynner2

    History Rewritten: Myths Busted & New Truths Uncovered

    http/tinyurl.com/yqr5sy (Mod Edit: Original link is broken. Archived version found via The Wayback Machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20090130100439/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1545177/Caravaggio-was-actually-Merisi-of-Milan.html) rynner the ubiquitous
  7. C

    Ghosts & Cameras

    If we accept the popular idea of ghosts and poltergeists as disembodied spirits of some kind, or demons perhaps (whatever they may be), why are they so afraid of cameras? The body of anecdotal evidence for sightings of every kind is massive yet the credible footage of 'spirits' in action is...
  8. A

    Your All-Time Favourite Ghost Photos

    Mine has to be this one In 1982, photographer Chris Brackley took a photograph of the interior of London's St. Botolph's Church, but never expected what would appear on the film. High in the church's loft, seen in the upper right-hand corner of his photograph, is the transparent form of what...
  9. A

    Odd Things Encountered On Mars' Surface

    Anomoly in Mars Picture? Look what I found on the Mars Panoramic Photograph - you will need to download the picture from: Mars Rovers Pictures Download the biggest and most high resolution version (8.5meg folks!) If you have Photoshop this will be easy, if not you can still use the...
  10. A

    The Cumberland Spaceman

    The Cumberland Spaceman Hi everybody! I'm still curious about the 'Cumberland Spaceman' picture. I first saw it in a copy of a book called 'Photographs of the Unknown,' which was co-authored by Robert Rickard. On page 96 there is the famous image taken by Jim Templeton, from Carlisle, Cumbria...