1. E

    Premonitions Of Personal Very Unlikely, Weird Stuff That Came True

    I don’t know the best place for this; mods please move if you wish. Over the course of my life, I have had odd, instant convictions of something that would happen to me. I have only had five of these. These convictions were of both bad and good occurrences. These premonitions were out of the...
  2. blessmycottonsocks

    Think You May Have Dreamt The Future?

    Further to a discussion in another dream thread, a few participants agreed it would be worthwhile starting a thread for people to share dreams which may contain elements of prediction or precognition. If subsequent news reports appear to corroborate details from the dream, we would then have...
  3. K

    Black Shuck In Hertfordshire

    Not sure whether this should be here or in Cryptozoology, but here goes. A few years ago I was seeing a girl in Stevenage (luckily I have since moved ) who's sister was single with three kids. I never asked what happened to her husband - this being Stevenage I probably assumed she never had...
  4. T

    Funeral Tie Premonitions

    Before my connection dies completely I was reminded of something that happened a good few years ago, and is still happening. I am still close to my ex and, although she now lives in Nottingham, I still visit her parents (an odd setup I know but what the hell). While I was having a coffee...