1. Jim

    Living Pterosaurs: Papua New Guinea

    Is it possible that Pterosaurs exist in Papua New Guinea? New Guinea supports high biodiversity. Approximately 4,642 known vertebrate species inhabit the island of New Guinea and its surrounding waters. Much of the island consists of virtually impenetrable mountains, jungles and swamps. One...
  2. feen5


    Interesting article from the BBC website. I've always found the pterosaurs the most fasinating of the dinosaur groups. Flying reptile mystery 'solved' The specimen belonged to the species Tupuxuara UK scientists say they have solved the mystery of why prehistoric flying reptiles grew...
  3. B

    Living Pterosaurs: North America

    Does anyone recall anything about possible surviving Pterosaurs living in the mountains of Mexico? I seem to recall some rather reputable documentary on the possibility, but I haven't seen the possibility mentioned since. Can anyone shed more recent light?