radio shows

  1. lordmongrove

    Uncanny (BBC Programme / Podcast)

    New wireless series, Uncanny, this episode features the brilliant Peter Laws.
  2. liveinabin

    Ghost Program On Radio 4

    People sharing their experiences of seeing a ghost. The last chap to speak has a great tale. Be quick, it's only there for a few days.
  3. Vardoger

    The End Is Nigh: On 17 August 2012, In Fact

    That is, if you believe John Moore. According to his government sources Planet X/Nibiru will pass by Earth between August 17 and September 26th. Here's a qoute from a conspiracy website about the Nibiru pass by:
  4. S

    Scotch Mist: A Radio Programme Of Scottish Ghost Stories

    Radio Six International have a programme 1630 GMT Thursday called Scotch Mist described as "A programme of Scottish ghost stories and traditional music." Website states that the programme was originally broadcast on December 32 1985, Spooky eh. :shock: I...