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  1. Cochise

    Learning To Read & Early Childhood Reading

    Wasn't sure where to put this. There has recently been some stuff published in the newspapers about not being able to remember anything from ones early childhood. As with all such sweeping statements, my response would be 'it depends'. I distinctly remember my first dog, who was run over when...
  2. MrRING

    Reading/Writing: The Ultimate Communication Tool?

    On the TV Turnoff thread in chat (which is a light, fun thread), I brought up this point: And of course, I've heard it mentioned (and I believe talked about elsewhere on the board) that reading is "superior" to television because reading is abstract and it "forces you to use your...
  3. A

    FT At Work—Yes Or No?

    I'm currently staying in a hostel (don't ask...long story) in Shrewsbury and have a subscription to FT. After reading my copy, I pass it on to a couple of others in the building for a read, including one of the members of staff. For the past two months, another member of staff - who is extremely...