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  1. Yithian

    Dominatrix Demands Public Money To Build Sex Dungeon In Fort Lauderdale

    Striking footage from the City Commission Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida:
  2. mikfez

    Masturbation: Abstinence & Indulgence

    Apparently it was National Masturbation Day on Tuesday (28th May) The first National Masturbation Day was observed May 7, 1995, after sex-positive retailer Good Vibrations declared the day in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired in 1994 by President Bill Clinton for suggesting...
  3. uair01

    Cybercrime: Sextortion (Blackmail For Sex, Porn, Etc.)

    Interesting :) This is a wicked extortion attempt. It got my attention because of this subject line: [my real name] - [one of my real passwords] Then it continues like this: Thatcher Petkova <[email protected]> I do‌ know [one of my real passwords] o‌n‌e o‌f yo‌ur pa‌ss wo‌rds. L‌ets...
  4. ramonmercado

    Modern Sex Cults

    A Sisterhood Cult which is actually headed by a sleazy male. Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded By BARRY MEIEROCT. 17, 2017 ALBANY — Last March, five women gathered in a home near here to enter a secret sisterhood they were told was created to empower women. To gain admission...
  5. S

    Vaginal / Vulval Statues, Sculptures & Structures

    Student gets stuck in giant stone vagina in Germany What was meant to be a funny dare turned into an utter embarrassment for an American exchange student, who found himself trapped in a giant stone vagina in Germany. Firefighters had to be called in to deliver the man, head-first, to safety...
  6. T

    Forteans & Sex

    Maybe this is a loaded question, but are forteans more apt to accept expanded notions about what sex is? Given that they are generally more open-minded about reality in general, how does that affect their expectations of sex or what sex should be? I guess, in other words, are forteans more...
  7. M

    Then Along Came A Spider... (Spider Venom As Spermicide)

    Chile's black widow spider may yield spermicide By Antonio de la Jara SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Scientists have discovered a potentially marketable contraceptive in the venom of Chile's black widow spider, whose bite is fatal to many but can also cause prolonged, painful and involuntary erections...
  8. DougalLongfoot

    Corn Flakes & Masturbation

    Were Corn Flakes designed by a very religious Mr Kellogg who was trying to make a food that would make you less inclined to masturbate? How was this supposed to work? :oops:
  9. A


    Not much else to say, really. http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_770842.html
  10. JamesWhitehead

    Wanking Wildlife: Animal Masturbation

    Found this a while back and lost the reference but now it has popped up again: http://www.salon.com/it/feature/1999/03/cov_15featurea.html
  11. A

    Weird Sex (Practices, Preferences & Accoutrements!)

    [Emp edit: This is our general weird sex thread. /!\ - This thread is where all the stories and discussion about extreme sexual practices are kept so if you easily offended then you may want to try some other threads. Some resources: www.world-sex-records.com www.thesexdictionary.com...