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shared dreams

  1. bloop

    Shared Dreams (Same Dream / Multiple Dreamers)

    Mr B and I have been together for quite some time now - poor man. In those years we have on occasion dreamt the same dream, at the same time, with even the minor details being more or less identical. Now I would understand it more if these dreams concerned things happening in our lives at the...
  2. gattino

    Connected & Shared Dreams

    Most of the odd things that occur to me generally fall into the category of "psychic" daydreams and multi-layered coincidences. Seemingly precognitive dreams make an occassional appearance, but lately dreams have been to the fore, in my thoughts, (failed) experiments and conversations, with a...
  3. K

    The Ventriloquist's Dummy & His Bottle Of Milk

    This story is in response to my previous strange occurrence within my Grandparents house. From a very early age I would very regularly stay at my Grandparents house while both of my parents were running a business at the time. So sometimes I would either spend all afternoon there or arrive in...