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  1. SimonBurchell

    Mystery Tremors On Danish Baltic Island Puzzle Scientists

    From The Guardian: Mystery tremors on Danish Baltic island puzzle scientists Minor tremors on Bornholm caused by acoustic pressure waves originated from ‘unknown source’, seismologists say A series of minor tremors recorded on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm has puzzled scientists, who...
  2. sherbetbizarre

    Sky Trumpets (Mystery Sounds; Skyquakes)

    First the HUM, now the trumpets... Some of these reports date back to Jan 2012, but I cannot see a thread for them: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/3 ... 45343.html I'm not convinced it was taken from the movie Red State - there's probably not enough dialogue-free audio to sample it...
  3. pornosonic1975

    Strange Sounds In The Sky!

    Hi!!! I was looking online last night and found all these videos on YouTube of these creepy sounds that have allegedly been heard all over the world since last year. Does anyone know anything about this? Or is this all an elaborate hoax publicity stunt for Cloverfield 2 or something...
  4. M

    "The Drums Of Seneca Lake" (Seneca Guns; Skyquakes)

  5. A

    Mystery Booms From The Sky (Skyquakes)

    Hello all, Following on from yesterdays news item "Skyquake scares Scottish villagers", I report the following. I was visiting an office in Peterlee, North east England today, and got talking to one of the security guards there. He mentioned that this morning (16/11/01) the building had...