1. EnolaGaia

    New Find: Snake That Eviscerates Its Living Prey (Toads)

    Here's today's nightmare fodder ... We are accustomed to images of snakes swallowing their prey. A few snakes rip mouthfuls from their dead prey. For the first time, a snake - the Asian kukri snake - has been observed burying its head into the abdomen of its preferred prey (toads) and...
  2. ramonmercado

    Snakes edit to amend title.
  3. H

    Snake 'Legs' Were Penises

    This is a follow up to a story posted on today's Breaking News ... 1937c.html
  4. M

    The Evolution Of Snakes
  5. A

    Large Snakes

    The other day I saw a snake?Well thats not unusual,snakes are a common place item here,we cope with red belly blacks,taipans,western browns,bandi/bandis,black snakes and the usual tree snakes.I walk around with a length of chain attached to a wooden handle mainly for the taipans as they are so...
  6. A

    Amphibians / Reptiles Living In One's Digestive Tract: UL? Possible?

    Reading the thread "Who was the first person to drink cow's milk?" in General Forteana, which discusses food discoveries and various tolerances and likes/dislikes for foods, put me in mind of stories surrounding the subject title: Reports of snakes found alive and apparently thriving in the...