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  1. ramonmercado

    Biological Taxonomy / Cladistics Thread

    Linnean naming system faces challengers A band of renegade biologists is taking on a mammoth task that threatens to upset a status quo that has been unchallenged for almost 250 years. Put simply, they want to change the way scientists name every living organism on the planet. These...
  2. amarok2005

    Fortean Categories: Definitions For Classes Of Anomalies

    When I got it into my head to write about anomalous phenomena, the problem was where to begin? I decided to start from the ground up, with definitions of what sort of things I'd be writing about. The first thing Charles Fort would say would be "There can be no definitions, because nothing...
  3. C

    Birds: Taxonomies; Cladistics; Categories

  4. A

    Chimp Taxonomic Classification

    I guess this thread is a suitable place to mention today's news story that chimps and humans 'should share grouping'. I would say that this is generously unanthropocentric of us to share our genus, except that it would surely be less taxonomic hassle to rename us "Pan sapiens"?
  5. J

    What Is Forteana? (Bob Rickard's 'The Fortean Scope')

    I got this by e-mailing the forteana mailing list at [email protected] : Bob Rickard, editor of the "Fortean Times" offers this introduction to forteana : "THE FORTEAN SCOPE Part of the difficulty in defining the word 'Fortean' is that it can mean different things to different...
  6. A

    Newly Discovered: Previously Disputed Or Merely Alleged Species

    purple necked has any one got a link to a site which may have a piccy of this on? cheers cas ananova.com/news/story/sm_425480.html Link is dead. The MIA article is archived at the Wayback Machine...