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terrorists & terrorism

  1. blessmycottonsocks

    The Moscow Concert Hall Attack

    With the terrible death toll from the attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow having reached 133 and still likely to rise, some interesting facts have emerged today. The American embassy in Moscow had warned the Russian authorities some two weeks ago of intelligence that an attack by Islamic...
  2. maximus otter

    Woman Stabbed In UK ‘Terror Attack’ Was An American Spy

    A woman stabbed in what is thought to have been a terror attack in England last week is an American spy, it is now thought. One man has been arrested under UK terrorism law in relation to the incident, which took place in a car park close to both the world-famous Cheltenham race course, and the...
  3. ramonmercado

    Wieambilla Shooting: Australia Police Ambush Deemed Religious Terror Attack

    I think this case appeared on the Forums in the past but I can't find any trace of it. In any case the police now see it as a religious terrorisr attack so it probably is deserving of it's own Thread. Wieambilla shooting: Australia police ambush deemed religious terror attack Published 7...
  4. Tribble

    Narwhal Tusk Used Against Terrorist

    As you likely know, there was a terror attack in London yesterday (29/11/19) in which, sadly, several people died, several more seriously injured. The terrorist was subdued by, amongst others, someone wielding a narwhal tusk (acquired by someone from Fishmonger's Hall).
  5. OneWingedBird

    Evacuation Song On Jukeboxes In Irish Pubs Cira 80s

    I got reminded about this U/L fron the supermarket/train code video I dropped in Good Stuff Online and figured it could do with it's own thread... I know it's come up here in passing before but I'm going way back and don't recall it being explored. The story is that Irish pubs in the UK cira...
  6. T

    9/11: The September 11th Attacks

    Not sure what exactly to say about this, but here it is: http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Scientists_find_active_superthermite_in_WTC_0404.html
  7. Mal_Adjusted

    Neo-Nazi Terrorism

  8. ramonmercado

    Conspiracy In Ireland: North & South

    Edit to amend title.
  9. K

    John Lydon Missed Lockerbie (Just)

  10. M

    Theodore Kaczynski: The Unabomber

    There didn't seem to be a Unabomber thread so here it is!! Anyway I know its a bit trivial but its a quiz to see if you know who said what:: Al Gore or the Unabomber Emps
  11. A

    How To Find Bin Laden

    just look here:- http://www.talibanreunited.com