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the news

  1. AnonyJ

    North Korean TV Censors Alan Titchmarsh's Crotch

    NK has censored the gardening expert's blue jeans as they are apparently not in agreement with a 'superior socialist lifestyle'. From https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-68664644 : "North Korea's state television channel has censored a BBC gardening programme - by blurring out presenter Alan...
  2. A

    Fortean Headlines

    In the last week, there have been two great headlines in my local papers The South Wales Echo and Western Mail: HUNT FOR CURRY-EATING PARROT and BRIDEGROOM ARRESTED OVER "VOODOO" BLAZE The first story is simply about a missing pet parrot with a penchant for kebabs and take-aways but...
  3. A

    Misinterpreted Headlines

    Misinterperated Headlines ever read a headline so quickly that you see something else? like today, when the news of the USS Cole bombing mastermind was released, i read so quickly that it looked like "COLE PORTER CAPTURED!" instead of "COLE PLOTTER CAPTURED!" i was like "wow, he faked his...