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the surveillance society

  1. maximus otter

    How Ads on Your Phone Can Aid Government Surveillance

    Technology embedded in our phones and computers to serve up ads can also end up serving government surveillance. Information from mobile-phone apps and advertising networks paints a richly detailed portrait of the online activities of billions of devices. The logs and technical information...
  2. Quake42

    The Abolition Of Cash

    There's the beginnings of a movement around abolishing cash for more than very small purchases. It tends to be couched in terms of stopping money laundering/financial crime/terrorism. Various stories being planted in the media, the most recent here...
  3. taras

    Mobile Phone Tracking

    Every mobile phone has a different code. If you dial *#06# you can see yours. Hasn't anyone wondered whether the government can track your whereabouts, etc, with that? Just a thought!