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  1. ramonmercado

    Historical Coin Hoard Found Buried Under Dorset Cottage

    Likely a Civil War hoard. Historical coin hoard found buried under Dorset cottage 8 hours ago A buried hoard of coins dating to the 16th and 17th Centuries has been found during renovation work on a cottage. The cache of more than 1,000 gold and silver coins was discovered under an earth floor...
  2. Yithian

    World's Deepest Hotel Opens In Wales

    World's Deepest Hotel Opens In Wales United Kingdom's Go Below offers adventure-packed cave tours in North Wales. But what made the company world famous is the unique accommodation set 1,375 feet (419 meters) below the ground level in an abandoned Victorian slate mine. Snowdonia's disused...
  3. MrRING

    Tracking COVID Lineages In Sewage

    This may have been discussed, but I can't find out about it via a search. My brother talked about the fact that a novel COVID strain was being detected by sewage detection, and scientists believed it is from a single person who keeps pooping in a few specific toilets. Scientists are trying to...
  4. Eyespy

    Where Does Dirt Come From?

    This is a question asked of me by my son, aged about 7- I was doing A level Archeology at the time and he was browsing my aeriel photographs, home work. he asked why all the Archeology stuff was buried underground- who buried it? I explained that soil builds up and deposits on buildings and...
  5. MrRING

    200-Year Old Cobalt Mine Found Intact At Alderley Edge, Cheshire

    https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cobalt-mine-discovery-intl-scli-gbr/index.html The website: https://christiansltd.com/Cobalt%20Mine%20at%20Alderley%20Edge/
  6. EnolaGaia

    Well Of Barhout ('Well Of Hell'; Sinkhole In Yemen)

    The Well of Barhout (also nicknamed Well of Hell) is a sink hole in Al-Mahara, Yemen. It is about 30 m (100 ft) wide at the surface, and 112 metres (367 ft) deep. ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Well_of_Barhout SOURCE...
  7. blessmycottonsocks

    T'Owd Man & Other Caving / Potholing / Spelunking Ghosts

    I couldn't find any other thread covering spooky experiences of those insane folk who get their kicks exploring caves and mines. Feel free to move this into an extant thread if need be. To anyone even slightly claustrophobic (I can get a bit twitchy in lifts and tube trains), this hobby sounds...
  8. ramonmercado

    Cold War Fallout Shelters

  9. I

    Photographic Anomalies At The Hellfire Caves In West Wycombe (13 May 2015)

    Hi Everybody, I've just joined the forum earlier this evening. It was recommended that I post what happened to me here. It's my first thread and I hope I don't transgress any of the site rules in doing so nor make a general mess (such as links not working etc). If I do then please accept my...
  10. Quake42

    Oddness On The London Underground

    I noticed there didn't seem to be a thread on this, so I decided to start one! A general home for any unusual or weird Tube-related stories. I'll kick off. This morning on the District Line I saw a man in a suit and bowler hat. Not too unusual although bowler hats are seen relatively rarely...
  11. ramonmercado

    Oldest Salt Mine Known to Date Located in Azerbaijan

    Worked by ancient dissidents?
  12. C

    The Cave To Conquer Your Fears

    I remember seeing a TV show years back about a place in the UK where you could visit a cave which you could crawl into and when you reached the farthest you could go, you would speak to a demon and all your fears would dissapear or lessen somewhat. I remember vague memories of hippy/beatnicks...
  13. OneWingedBird

    Erupting Mushrooms Lift Driveway

    Gotta watch out for those erupting mushrooms! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/berk ... 699964.stm
  14. T

    Hidden Nazi Mine / Barracks?

    Hi all - Can anyone remember an article in FT fairly recently (past year or so) that described an area in Germany (barracks or mine) in a mountainous area, where at the closing months of the Second World War the SS took themselves and their families into the bowels of the mountain and blew the...
  15. K

    Stone Steps Discovered In A Coal Mine?

    There is already a thread about underground passageways but this is different and I didn't want to hijack that original one. A number of years ago a friend of mine told me about a mystery involving the discovery of stone steps in a coal mine. He had been researching this story for a number...
  16. MrRING

    Old Gold Mine Found In Restaurant Dining Room

    LINK (Link is dead)
  17. staticgirl

    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    Channel 5 is making a documentary about ghosts on the tube (www.underlondonunderground.co.uk) and are trying to find people who've had weird experiences there. A few years ago, my ex boyfriend nearly fainted in Kings Cross. He said he could hear people screaming and a strange noise. It turns...
  18. A

    The Human Body Clock (Circadian Rhythm)

    does anyone remember the deprivation experiment that took place about 15 years ago in or around Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico? College students lived in seclusion deep underground for...i think months. they had no clocks. i think it was two guys and one girl, in isolated confinement...
  19. The_Discordian

    A Nuclear Bunker In The Sussex Downs? (I Kid You Not)

    An example of how paranoid people can get down here in the provinces, found in the letters page of the Lancing Herald, cover dated July 31, 2003: "I know you would not normally publish letters sent to you anonymously, but I have long held suspicions that a new Regional Seat of Government (RSG)...
  20. A

    Treacle Mines & Mining Treacle Like Oil

    I am interested in finding some of the original...erm.....foafers of the old urban legend of Treacle Mining in Britain. The required belief for this UL was that ancient sugar cane could be subjected to those same pressures as oil and coal. The resulting gloop was quite simply.......treacle and...
  21. A

    Mines & Mining As Evidence of Prehistoric Technology & Civilisation

    Mining the refutation of ancient technology? A few Fortean folk are of the view that there have been previous human civilizations on Earth which were as technological as ours. Since they existed hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago, any artefacts have long since crumbled into dust...
  22. M

    Stories Of Monsters In Merseyside Caves

    I recall reading in a Charles Berlitz *ahem* book some time ago, that there was a cave network beneath St Helens on Merseyside, where there was much rumness afoot. The story went along the lines of a boy scout being murdered whilst on an expedition to the caves, allegedly by some kind of...
  23. Sthenno

    Souterrains (Underground Galleries / Passages / Grottos)

    I was wondering if anybody else who has spoken about legends of underground tunnels and the like has experienced the same kind of strange apathy in the local community in regards to exploring these things as I have. In my hometown in Devon there are stories of a system of underground tunnels...
  24. M

    Underground Fires (Coal Seam Fires; Etc.)

    Imagine the scene... You're watching your young son innocently playing in the back yard when suddenly the earth opens and he disappears screaming into a pit where flames and fumes that would put Hell itself to shame spew out. Fortunately, the child is saved by his own quick-thinking and...
  25. gyrtrash

    People Trapped Underground (In Mines, Wells, Caves, Etc.)

    I was in idle conversation with a journalist from my local 'paper today (the Yorkshire Evening Post), and the subject of macabre stories came up... He recalled an incident from his early days, "..about 30 years ago..", when a pot-holer had got himself stuck underground and could not be moved...
  26. A

    Garden Gnomes

    What exactly is the point of Garden Gnomes apart from a kind of cheesy ironic form of decoration? Was there some forgotten mystical/pagan reason why people had them, as some kind of garden guardian spirit perhaps? Or was it just a case of some enterprising chap who started selling little clay...
  27. A

    Soviets / Russians Drilling Into Hell (Urban Legend)

    I have recently read about this on a scare mongering Christian site: http://www.av1611.org/hell.html Does anyone know anything else about this? Thanks
  28. D

    Underground (Miscellaneous: Tunnels, Roads, Bunkers Etc.)

    The Queen's Secret Underground Road System Friends and I were talking about the royal family attending football matches at Wembly Statium. Not only did we decide it was unfair that the polo loving Windsors get the best seats in the house, but that also they are never seen leaving or entering...
  29. P

    The Hellfire Club Of West Wycombe

    Does anyone have any info on the infamous Hellfire club, is it true that at one meeting a monkey was presented and most of the members thought it was a devil, having never seen one before?
  30. A

    Mary King's Close

    Has anyone been down there or even experienced anything while having a look round? Interested to hear thoughts and opinions on this as im thinking of trying to get a group together to go there.