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  1. Comfortably Numb

    Ever Seen A Vampire?

    Where I live in Scotland, there's a small lough nearby. So... a few years back, I'm simply having a walk along at night and then... Imperative to note it's inherently not a flat landscape there are typically small mounds all around. As I duly pass one, this creature *silently arises, unfolds...
  2. P

    Vampire Slaying / Vampire Killing Kits (Alleged Antiques)

    Source via neatorama.com
  3. A

    Is Wacko Jacko A Vampire?

    Just a thought. Mr Jackson wears face masks and gloves in public. His physical form has changed horribly over the years and he likes to hang around and even sleep in the same room as the young and innocent. Could Michael 'Bad' 'Thriller' Jackson be, in fact, one of the undead? He claims to...
  4. James_H

    Miscellaneous Vampire Reports

    http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat/articles/0113vampirepanic-ON.html article there:
  5. GNC

    Killed by Fear of Vampires (Demetrious Myicura; 1973)

    Anyone remember a story about an East European man living alone in London, who was discovered dead in his bedroom surrounded by crosses and garlic? Police decided he had been so scared of vampires that he had gone to great lengths to keep them away - including putting cloves of garlic in his...
  6. A

    Blood-Sucking Politicians (Accusations of Vampirism)

    http://news.excite.com/odd/article/id/294350|oddlyenough|01-10-2003%3A%3A08%3A08|reuters.html Politician Caught Up in Vampire Rumors Jan 10, 7:47 am ET BLANTYRE, Malawi (Reuters) - Hundreds of angry Malawians hounded a senior political figure from his house and stoned him late...
  7. A


    :confused: I'm a bit confused on the subject of vampires. I mean, I've read some things and half of them say that (1) vampires are not affected by crosses and holy water (2) if they go into the sun they wont start to really burn as in on fire burn for about three hours in the sun (3) that they...