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vanishing persons

  1. C

    The Nicola Bulley Disappearance (St Michael's On Wyre, Lancashire)

    Has anyone been following this case, missing 5 days now? The mystery of the mother who vanished while walking her dog: Last known movements of Nicola Bulley who was still connected to a work call when she disappeared on towpath after dropping her kids off at school By Dan Sales For...
  2. escargot

    People Who Just Disappear (Go Missing)

    (By reference to an old thread which itself disappeared ... ) This happened, I'm told, to someone in my street, in the late 60s. She was a young mother of two little children and one morning her elder child, who was 3, was run over in the street, having wandered out through an open front door...
  3. The_Discordian

    Odd Experience On A Worthing Bus (Vanishing Person)

    I almost feel embarrassed by posting this, as I may have just experienced some wort of sensory anomaly, but here goes: This afternoon, I got on the bus in Worthing town centre to go over to Lancing and see my mum (as is my wont these days). Before boarding, I stepped aside to let a bloke with a...
  4. A

    People Who Are Discovered Or Re-Surface After Long Disappearances

    Here’s an old Worcestershire story about an alleged re-appearance (this is the short York-notes style version). Sir John Attwood, a 14th century knight, was captured during the Crusades and imprisoned. Back at home, his wife waited. And waited. And waited. One morning, shortly after she’d...