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visions of the future

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    Ghost Tales From Everyday People

    I am 60 this year, and I have been amazed just how many rational people have admitted they have either seen or felt a ghost. I got to talk intimately with men and women when I was a nurse and carer, so perhaps they felt they could confide in someone who would give them a sympathetic ear. I...
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    TV Broadcasts From The Future & Phantom Websites

    This is a weird one, In 1992/93 ( can't quite remember ), I was on a training course with work, it was an overnight thing, so we were given lodgings at a hotel in Nottingham, U.K, just down the road from Trent Bridge. That evening, after quite a boring day, I retired to my room and decided to...
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    Dreams That Predict The Future

    I was living with my ex girlfriend. We were very close and happy etc. One night I dreamt that I was in an airport with my girlfriend at the time, her family were there, we were saying goodbye to someone and it was all a bit tearful. The odd thing about the dream was that I wasn't with my...