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yvette fielding

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    The Curse Of Most Haunted

    With the popularity of paranormal shows like Most Haunted and Taps it's hard for nonprofit or upcoming clubs to find locations that don't charge a Kings ransom. I had to get really creative to find new venues for my previous club. Many clubs are willing to hold public ghost hunts for paying...
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    Most Haunted Live DVD: Dudley Castle

    Just watched the DVD presentation of "Dudley Castle". One of the major focal points of this when it was broadcast was a ghostly scream just after midnight, which was claimed to be from a ghost. Curiously, this segment is completely missing from the "Dudley Castle" chapter of the DVD.
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    Most Haunted: Bumper Compendium Thread

    According to May's Sky magazine there's a new programme on in the UK, it's on the Living TV Channel and starts 1 week today on May 28th. Soemthing about this has been on these boards before : Yvette Fielding getting a bit scared whilst filming it. Thought I'd act as a memory jogger to...