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Most Haunted: Bumper Compendium Thread



According to May's Sky magazine there's a new programme on in the UK, it's on the Living TV Channel and starts 1 week today on May 28th.

Soemthing about this has been on these boards before : Yvette Fielding getting a bit scared whilst filming it.

Thought I'd act as a memory jogger to those who had forgotten about it.

As it's largely gone quiet now, I'm merging most of the MH threads. Some that deal with specific themes may stay seperate, for example the lively discussion: Most Haunted: Poo or Boo?, a very long thread about series 4 (probably the series' zenith in terms of popularity)and the infamous flying spoon incident - MH and the spoon. Stu

Also if this has slipped below anyone's radar check out on UK Horizons at about Midnight on Saturdays or 10-12 on Wednesdays "Scariest Places on Earth".

Hosted by Linda Blair and voiced by scary old woman from "Poltergeist" the show is sheer pulp but a hoot to watch and occasionally interesting.

Basic premise (which I think they may be borrowing for the programme mentioned above) is to explore Haunted sites.

Half the show is taken up with some American Family volunteering to spend the night in a different haunted location each week. They are then psyched up by pseudo-seances and local fokelorists planting suggestions in their heads. Equipped with cameras they are then separated and sent in the dark to explore and "investigate" the location. The set dressing combined with hidden "gimmicks" and production crew rattling doors and blowing out lights and the like results in a traumatised and blubbering family desparate to escape. An absolute hoot!

The other half of the show, which is more interesting just simply gives details about various haunted/historical sites throughout the world. Some of which are lesser known.

I do occasionally wonder about the quality of their information/research but its still quite interesting. They recently did a shoot at Woodchester Manor which is just down the road from me and so I got to see the production site after they had mocked it up but before they set to filming.

Can't think what they expect to find there as I have never heard any rumours of hauntings or anything of the sort connected with the place... No one has ever lived there let alone died there!

If anyone can fill in the blanks (as I haven't yet seen the episode) about Woodchester Manor, outside Nymphsfield, Stroud, Gloucestershire I would be fascinated. They have a website. Quite fascinating if you are into local history or National Heritage sites.

Only details I can give is that there are some Long Barrows nearby.
I thought it rang a bell:

Location: Woodchester Park
Manifestation: A Roman Centurion, a dwarf in rags, a headless horseman and a gamekeeper and a pair of American soldiers.
History: The Gamekeeper was killed by his own dogs. The Americans presumably worked at the secret WWII lab that was run there.
Source: The Good Ghost Guide, Page 131
Comment: A nice, broad range, multiple haunting.

There are many stories connected with Woodchester Mansion:
(Source: Gloucestershire Echo by Julia Etherington - November 27 1998)
Spook Puts Wind Up Mansion Team
Prince's Trust Volunteers who stayed in a haunted building will always wonder whether one of the team moved the glass upstairs – or whether a darker force was at work at Woodchester Mansion! The bold-spirited Team 51 from the trust's base at Heathville Road, Gloucester, stayed the night at the part-built Victorian mansion and raised £300 for the charity CLIC – Cancer and Leukaemia In Childhood. But spooky goings-on during the night has made Team 51 question just how far their team-mates would go to give them a fright. A drinking glass left in an upstairs room said to be frequented by a poltergeist was found in a different position next morning. Team member Richard Merriman said: "It was definitely moved. Nobody will admit to it and we thought we stayed together all night. There was a lot of adrenaline pumping because we were all together in this empty haunted building, but I don't think anyone was really scared."
The mansion was commissioned by wealthy merchant William Leigh but was abandoned in 1873. It has remained empty ever since. The gargoyle-encrusted building is set in the ‘lost valley' of Woodchester Park which is shrouded in superstition. According to legend, the estate was once owned by Sir Rupert de Lansigny, who inherited it after killing his cousin. Several locals have reported seeing a headless horseman, believed to be Sir Rupert, near one of the park lakes.
Other Tales
It is said that a roman centurion can sometimes be seen passing back and forth near the gates of the south road.
In 1908, a ghost was seen riding down the drive. Coffins, dwarfs and the spectre of a black dog have also been recorded.
When the Americans occupied the Park it is rumoured that, when they were practising the D-day landings a makeshift platoon, set up on one of the lakes, collapsed with the loss of twenty lives.

Woodchester Mansion
01453 750455
Many legends and rumours surround this strange Victorian, unfinished mansion - and you'd be hard pushed to find a more haunting place. No-one really knows why it was never completed, though a descendant of the original owner once said that, according to family lore, it was declared an unhealthy place to live by his physician. It remains a time warp, almost unchanged 120 years after it was abandoned. It is now under the ownership of the Woodchester Mansion Trust, and has been turned into a museum, and a training centre for traditional Cotswold building skills.
Open: August 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27; September 1, 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; October, 6, 7.
Admission: Adults and Senior Citizens £4.00. Students £2.00. Children 5-12 £2.00. Under 5s free.

One day at nearby Woodchester Mansion, the carpenters and stonemasons simply downed tools and left, leaving pickaxes and shovels propped up against the walls and a leather roof-maker's harness dangling in the rafters...

No one really knows why work at Woodchester stopped so abruptly and was never resumed, and, since this happened in 1868, dark tales have run riot like the ivy around the walls, attempting to explain what might have happened. Had it been completed, the mansion would have been a magnificent tour de force of Gothic style, designed in part by the creator of the House of Commons and brought to life in honey-toned Cotswold stone.

As it was, the craftsmen completed about two thirds of the job, so the house you see today is a vast shell, with gargoyles and flying buttresses on the outside, and all the props, stays, stone caps and other tools of building exposed inside. This makes Woodchester one of the most fascinating buildings in England, giving as much an insight into the mind of its fiercely religious owner as an X-ray view of Victorian building practices. Of all the hidden mansions in the Cotswolds, this one is the most mysterious and riveting - visit at dusk when the bats flitter and swoop amongst the gargoyles.

Hello, im a member of the angling club at woodchester park, and although
ive spent hundreds of nights fishing the lakes i have never witnessed a
nything odd. However of all the venues ive nightfished woodchester certa
inly has the strangest atmosphere and ive felt uneasy several times. Im
interested in the book you have written about the place and would like a
copy. Could you please tell me where i can aquire a copy. If you have a
ny at home i could pick one up from you as i only live in Ebley. Thanx,
i hope to hear from u soon.
posted by Angel Hunter Tuesday, July 24, 2001
I saw 'Most Haunted' on Saturday & Tuesday and enjoyed it.
The most entertaining aspect may have been the way the crew visibly worked themselves up into a state of terror about the haunted buildings they were in.
Yvette was sent to sit in the 'Private Room' which is supposed to be the most haunted, and there followed a Blair Witch-type 'I'm sooooooooooo scared!' sequence where she swore her hair was being ruffled by unseen hands. She lasted a bare five minutes!

The Saturday edition was about Athelhampton House.
I watched with the BF and found myself telling him all about the place, including details about the monkey which hadn't been mentioned yet, and lots more besides which wasn't mentioned at all.

He was impressed until I mentioned that I read all about it in a book as a teenager.

More 'Most Haunted'


I just watched this, all about the Theatre Royle in Drury Lane, London.
The crew are filmed seeing ghosts, screaming, running away in terror and generally acting like the Ghostbusters. Their medium Derek Acorah is possessed, half the crew get lost in one room and wander round in a circle and orbs are seen whizzing around on film.

Whew, can't wait to catch the repeat on Saturday.

Late edit-
Here's the website.

Yeah, the Theatre Royal episode was a good one. I can't quite make up my mind if this is straight up or 'Ghostwatch'. Either way it's damn good entertainment.
Runing down corridors screaming, just like Doctor Who.
I caught both of the "Most Haunted" over the weekend and I'd highly recommend them to anyone who's missed them so far. Great entertainment! I also thought it was fantastic that it was the ghosts at Drury Lane that hammed it up the most - rattling chains indeed! Bloody actors...
Those legs walking on their own will, I'm sure, make many nocturnal appearances chez Escargot in the dead of night.

I'm off to bed soon, may we please discuss fluffy kittens instead?
(Those legs again! Spectral stagehands carrying chains I can cope with. But legs walking around on their own......)
Lord Rileston said:
I caught both of the "Most Haunted" over the weekend and I'd highly recommend them to anyone who's missed them so far. Great entertainment! I also thought it was fantastic that it was the ghosts at Drury Lane that hammed it up the most - rattling chains indeed! Bloody actors...

Having worked in a theatre, I'm guessing that the ghost with chains is doing the rounds chaining all the doors shut. I don't know if this is a common practice but it certainly was at the two theatres where I worked.

Imagine having to do that job for eternity!

On the website for this programme there are message boards where the crew try pathetically to justify their cowardice in the face (or other body parts) of the Unknown. Highly entertaining.


You have to log in, which is free, and there are competitions to enter.

Incidentally, a crew member has pointed out that lots more freaky stuff occurred than could be fitted into the programme so I'll be watching out for the DVD which will no doubt feature 'extra hauntings'. Plus lots more bad language.
Yikes, tonight's edition had an alleged REAL ghost on Blackpool Pleasure Beach ghost train!!!!

I'm there, Dude!!!!!!
Woodchester Mansion

How strange. I had a very pleasant walk round the grounds and explored the building, with some friends, last autumn. It's quite interesting, architecturally. But, I never saw any ghosts, or experienced anything unusual, I'm afraid.
escargot said:
Yikes, tonight's edition had an alleged REAL ghost on Blackpool Pleasure Beach ghost train!!!!

I'm there, Dude!!!!!!

Mmmm, just goes to show that they don't always come up with stonking results... for which I applaud their veracity. Sometimes you come up with zip... except for that very audible, very creepy and very unexplained footstep.

I have to say for some reason more than many that episode creeped me out...real aura of menace to the presence of Cloggy.
Maybe its because of a Ramsey Campbell short story I read once but I dunno.

Spot on. I must say that I am getting more and more impressed with the series as it progresses. Anyone trying out for the "six members of the general public wanted to tour haunted sites over August for a new series" that they mentioned after the programme. Myself and my girlfriend would be there like a shot were it not for the fact that August is fully booked with inconsiderate people inviting us to weddings and stuff like that. Tsk!
I've visited lots of reputedly haunted houses and seen and heard zilch of a paranormal nature. Most disappointing.

I do see the odd ghostie but only in daylight in mundane circumstances and they don't stop to chat, more's the pity.

Our only resident ghost here was the invisible cat which seems to have moved out with the eldest daughter, leaving us spookless.

Perhaps they don't bother haunting me because I'm unscareable.

Late edit after seeing Carnacki's post-

We ought to organise a MB day out to Blackpool specifically for the purpose of flushing out 'Cloggy'.

I enjoyed last night's prog enormously and laughed cruelly at the ladies' panic in the ghost train. The sound of cloggy footsteps was clearly heard, in my lounge anyway.

I'm hoping to put my spooky daughter forward for the ghosthunting next month. She'd have a whale of a time!
The Blackpool one was the best yet, but consider two points.
1. Derek Acorah was on his home turf, and coincidentally seemed to know more about this site than any other. Well he would do, wouldn't he? It must be famous round there.
2. It must be great for business to have a real ghost on your ghost train. :hmph:
I agree about knowing all about B'pool's spooks if you live nearby.
I used to read everything I could find about ghosts as a teenager and have heard about most of the reasonably famous hauntings. (Not these ones though, I must admit.) I find that I usually know something about most spooks featured on TV so someone making their living at it is bound to.

I've heard some scurrilous gossip about a certain TV show- all lies, of course- and if anyone'd like to hear it- not that it's true- they are free to IM me. To be told a pack of lies. Allegedly.

My daughter is a clairvoyant and she's applying for the show. She's very photogenic and not a bit rattled by spooks so would everyone please cross their fingers for her?
She can represent all of us FT MBers who'd like to go on it ourselves, and will report back with exclusive scoops every day.
escargot said:
She can represent all of us FT MBers who'd like to go on it ourselves, and will report back with exclusive scoops every day.

That would be fascinating! Good luck to her!!

I'd very much like to know the alleged stuff, escargot, but your mailbox is full and won't let people send stuff to it

I caught the end of a simmilar American show on sky, where 4 or 5 youngsters were in a disused mental facility and had to do certain "dares" either alone or in pairs, they had cameras strapped to them ( to show their faces ) and a team member directed them by radio..Does anyone know the name or what channel ? It was excellent entertainment
I think I caught the end of that show Jobley's on about too - but again missed the start. Lots of running around screaming, but somehow it's just so much funnier when Yvette Fielding does it... Think it was called "Fear Factor" or something similar. "Fear" was definitely in there somewhere anyway.
Yes, its just called "Fear", and its on MTV.
Its their attempt at "reality TV" (meaning: very cheap
to produce!) Even though they pick "haunted" locations,
the producers rig 99% of the "scares". :(

I did see one where a girl had to hold live electric wires
for 20 seconds as part of her "dare". As soon as she started
getting the shock, a disclaimer popped up saying "don't try
this at home!" Way too strange -- I flipped channels at that point!

TV'S Most Haunted

Ive been watching this for the last few weeks and have been thoroughly enjoying watching yevette and the crew being scared witless by the ghosts.

Can anyone tell me anything about this programme? is it all made up or is it real?

Is that the one with a dodgy liverpudlian psychic? On one of the satellite channels? If so we watched that, last week I think. Two episodes including the pilot run back to back.

Personally I was very unconvinced. The hit rate just seemed too high. And the psychic seemed more like a ham actor.
thats the one! im a little unsure about it as well, ive seen about 6 episodes and each episode, some kind of phenomina seems to be recorded, ususally film of orbs or footsteps . the psychic always gets a contact (tonight he was possessed by a chap who was complaining that someone had pinched his front door!) and yevette or one of the crew usually gets touched by dissembodied hands and the like.

The only thing that makes me wonder is yevette seems to be at times genunely scared. Still, made up or not, its still a good laugh!
jg@chesterfield said:
The only thing that makes me wonder is yevette seems to be at times genunely scared.:D

Before working on Blue Peter, Yvette acted on a Children's BBC drama called Seaview, but personally I tend to feel this is straight up. I am confused as to why they've not been to the likes of Chingle Hall or Borley Rectory if they're going to visit the most haunted places in Britain.

I started a thread on the Ghosts section about this, entitled New Ghostly TV programme, you'll find other comments there.
Derby Gaol

Cracking program last night but why did they set up the camera on the crucifix so that it didn't show the whole sheet of paper?

This helps people scream hoax at the program. I'd expect a parapsychology expert to get this right.
well the crucefix one was a bit dodgy, funny how the pulling came from the end of the paper that was off camera:rolleyes:
but if the show is hoaxing it dose a very good job of it, they could have engeineared someting to happen in the light house for example or for more to happen some weeks than the make up lady wetting her pants, it's not too sensationalist either which helps
This sounds very similar to a show on UK Horizons called "Scariest Places on Earth" where people have cameras strapped onto their chests and go aroung various locations (ive seen a castle in Ireland, a plantation in southern USA and a Monestery in Italy) doing tasks. Its hosted by Linda Blair and a geordie fella who believes himself to be a bit of an expert on ghosts. My Housemate tells me he used to present a show on local radio in Newcastle and regularly did phone ins on the subject, which more than qualifies him in my book. ;)

But at the begining of the procram thers a lttle caveat that runs along the lines of:
Some scenes may be enhanced for dramatic effect .

Enhanced how?


Most Haunted

I saw the hour long special last week at Levens Hall..its quite corny in places but I cant help getting freaked out at times! Can the medium (Derek Acorah?) really be that accurate? They say he doesnt know anything about future locations for their vigils in advance.
I watched Fox's Scariest Places whilst lving in the States last year..Most Haunted comes across as rather more sophisticated. The weirdest thing was that Scariest Places had some Geordie geezer presenting it who used to do a late night "paranormal" radio show in Newcastle..how did he make the jump to FOX Channel in the USA??