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  1. Aydee_Aitchdee

    Spirit Rave?

    Found this on Facebook, wanted to hear what you all thought (Mods, move to appropriate thread if a better place exists)
  2. iainh

    The Ghosts Haunting China's Cities

    There's a fascinating article in today's Guardian about ghosts, funerals and attitudes to death in China's cities, and how they vary from rural practices, and even impact urban planning and rent/property values...
  3. catseye

    Ghost! A Journey Into The Paranormal, Narrated By Christopher Lee

    Watching this on YouTube. Anyone seen it? It's got our most recent 'most discussed photo of the woman's head on the table on. I haven't got to that bit yet but I'm keen to see what they say.
  4. Yithian

    'Ghosts At The Lock Up' At The West Midlands Police Museum, Birmingham [27/10/23]

    'Ghosts At The Lock Up' At The West Midlands Police Museum Join us on Friday 27th October for a night of ghost stories and spooky tales. The Police deal with some very unusual incidents, some of them involving strange sightings and mysteries that just can’t be explained. As you follow the...
  5. DrPaulLee

    Real Ghost Stories Vol 3

    MJ Wayland's third collection of spooky encounters is now on Amazon
  6. DrPaulLee

    Fortean Times Bookazine On Ghosts & Hauntings

    From the archives of FORTEAN TIMES, the world’s foremost journal of strange phenomena, comes a new collection exploring the world of ghosts, poltergeists and haunted houses. The perfect collection for would-be ghost hunters, this special edition from Fortean Times investigates classic cases...
  7. Yithian

    Parascience: The Ghosts Of Chester

    Ghosts of Chester Chester was founded by the Romans during the 1st century AD as a military fortress, so it’s hardly surprising that it has some well known Roman ghosts. One is the ghost of a legionary who paces between the Amphitheatre and the foundations of a tower which once stood beside...
  8. maximus otter

    Couple Spooked By Dog-Cam Pictures Hooded Figure Chasing Their Pet

    A couple claim their old house could be home to a real-life Paranormal Activity - after their dog was caught on camera fleeing a tall 'floating' figure dressed in white. Victoria Hepworth was dog-sitting her sister's one-year-old black Labrador Kiwi at their home last week when she spotted a...
  9. catseye

    Things That Make You Go 'Hmmmm...'

    Reading a lot of IHTM-like stories from various sites and I have realised that I've got a long 'automatically discount' list, and an almost equally long 'hmmmm (one raised eyebrow) list. For example, I almost automatically discount any story that begins either 'I woke up and saw...' or 'I know...
  10. DrPaulLee

    Book Recommendations

    A few years back I had a pretty good library of ghost books but had to sell most of them to make ends meet. I'm hoping that a few projects will bear fruit and I'm looking to possibly start replenishing my stock. However, I'm "out of the loop" and not familiar with more recent titles either. Can...
  11. Floyd1

    Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost And The Gravestone (Penyffordd Farm)

    A new documentary about the Penyffordd Farm hauntings: A child's gravestone in the garden, a monk-like figure supposedly appearing over a sleeping baby and words carved on walls... all reported at a house once known as the UK's most haunted. About 300 apparent paranormal phenomena was...
  12. Tempest63

    Military & Wartime Ghosts

    I have encountered a number of stories of ghosts encountered by the military whilst serving in Afghanistan and the account given below from (originally in the Times) is either one of those from a podcast I listened to or is very similar to one...
  13. Paul_Exeter

    The Cotherstone Bridge Ghost

    A classic case from the BUFORA archives about a couple who rented a County Durham cottage and experienced some ghostly and poltergeist-type activity: "As they approached a small footbridge Tom saw a figure cross over the bridge, which disappeared totally before his eyes. Tom stepped onto the...
  14. ozmond2600

    Ghost At The School

    One night in the early nineties a friend and I were out late at night walking around not far from where I live. I used to enjoy being out in the early hours when everyone was tucked up in bed for some reason. We decided to explore the grounds of the high school we had attended although we didn't...
  15. Z

    Australian Ghosts

    An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald - Australia's most haunted. I've been to most of these places. The old Quarantine Station seemed by far the most active, there was really some weird stuff going on! ... 120um.html but haunted...
  16. DrPaulLee

    Haunted Histories (Podcast)

    Danny Robins has just announced a new podcast covering Borley Rectory, 50 Berkeley Square etc. No details on dates, duration as of yet.
  17. MorningAngel

    Not So Real Ghost Story Books

    I keep coming across books that claim to be real ghost stories but the minute you start reading them it’s obvious from the way they are written they aren’t real experiences. Just be honest and say it’s fiction. Has anyone else experienced this?
  18. Middlecoat

    A Visit To Gettysburg

    I've just come back from the US. Posted this on my Facebook page. Thought y'all would also enjoy it; make of it what you will. OK, so tonight we did a tour; always a jolly way to finish off a trip. At the end the guide told us the following story. A while back he was sitting in a bar when he...
  19. Tunn11

    TV Ghost Video Locations

    I've been watching some programmes with footage sent in of ghost hunts, phone camera footage, etc. Mostly garbage, but I'm just wondering about the heroic vandals who frequent these places. "Ghost hunters" or "paranormal investigators" or Kevin from farcebook trot off to "investigate" some...
  20. brownmane

    Poltergeist Or Haunted House?

    After reading many accounts of the paranormal and weird on this forum, I now wonder if my first home was haunted or had a poltergeist. Is there a difference? Sorry, this story is going to be disjointed because I started posting on another thread and realized that I was telling a full story...
  21. maximus otter

    Texan Claims Boy's Ghost Pushed Shopping Cart Into His Car, Causing $25K In Damage

    A Texas man claims a "mischievous child ghost" caused a shopping card to fly at his vehicle — and he says he knows the ghost. Coby Todd is a 21-year-old from Pottsboro, Texas, who recently went ghost hunting in a nearby town. The next day, he was leaving work at a local supermarket outside...
  22. Robbrent

    Poltergeist Causation

    Following on from a few cases discussed on here I wonder if there are a set of circumstances when put together you get a Poltergeist and I wonder if all the investigations anyone has come up with any I know it is oft said that it's brought on by frustrated adolescents but if this was the case...
  23. Middlecoat

    I Had To Ask...

    My work takes me into people's homes. I can't help myself in old properties: Is it haunted ? I inquire. On one occasion I visited a family in a location close to a ruined Abbey. The lady of the household recounted the time she was hanging her washing on the line when she was disturbed by a solid...
  24. Robbrent

    Modern-Day Ghosts

    We hear a lot about ghosts who appear to be from bygone days Victorian, Tudor etc, but we don't hear of many ghosts from recent times this puzzles me, populations have risen massively over the past 50 years, so where are the ghosts wearing 1970's flares and 3 star jumpers or 1980's shell suits...
  25. Tunn11

    Are There More Ghosts From Certain Periods In History?

    I've had a quick search on this but didn't turn up anything but I may be using the wrong terms, so please merge (with my apologies) if this is covered elsewhere. I've seen posts on ghosts "fading" as they recede into history but I'm not sure I've seen any speculation on certain periods of...
  26. MorningAngel

    Prof. Brian Cox On Ghosts This has annoyed me since he said it. I used to like him. But to saying anyone who believes in ghosts is a 'knobber' has really peed me off. Millions of people have...
  27. Tempest63

    Your First Haunted House

    I was listening to the latest episode of “The Tape Library” podcast tonight which covered the Amityville Horror. At the beginning the host explains that for him Amityville represents THE haunted house story, being the first instance of a haunted house story he recalls reading as a child. For me...
  28. AgProv

    So You've Just Bought A House Where Somebody Got Murdered...

    This is an interesting article from yesterday's Guardian (Sat 19th Nov 2022). It's a very Fortean question: if you buy a house, or move into a property, with a troubled past and a violent murder having happened there - what happens next? How do you react, what might you feel, do you have any...
  29. stu neville

    Dr Paul Lee's Haunted Hotels Site

    As mentioned on the Hotel Encounters, Anyone? thread, please do check out our very own Dr Paul Lee's Haunted Hotels site. He's really put some serious legwork into it, hopefully sorting the currently active from the historically active. A good read for anyone who likes a spooky mini-break .
  30. N

    There Is Something In The Woods

    I'll get right to it. I wonder if any of you forteans can connect with this. Over the years I have always enjoyed woods and forests whether it be walks, mucking around with my kids or just being in nature as a change from city life. But not all woods have the same feel. I lived near the...
  31. MrRING

    Errol Flynn's Ghost Haunted Tracy Nelson

    I was listening to the excellent Maltin On Movies podcast, hosted by longtime movie critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie, and their guest was Tracy Nelson (the episode of June 7th, 2019). She is the daughter of Rick Nelson and granddaughter of Ozzie & Harriet. Aside from excellent...
  32. lordmongrove

    Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Universe Ghosts

    Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Universe Ghosts
  33. Tunn11

    Ghost Evolution

    Is it just me or are ghosts changing or evolving? In most of the ghost stories and few pictures that I recall from ghost books and programmes of yesteryear the ghosts were: transparent, looked like people or were described as if they had some colour or substance e.g. Red ladies, etc. Photos...
  34. Mouldy13

    Harmful Poltergeists?

    Most of the reading I've done on Poltergeist phenomena would seem to suggest that they fall into Colin Wilson's definition of them as "entities of relatively low intelligence possessing the same sort of humour found in adolescent boys" (paraphrased from memory) So are there any instances of...
  35. blessmycottonsocks

    Artist Tracey Emin's Apparition Sighting(s)

    Today's Guardian features an interview with artist Tracey Emin. She tells of her traumatic recovery from cancer surgery and an encounter with a "black apparition". If you click the hyperlink through to her earlier article, she also saw the ghost of her dead cat...
  36. Yithian

    'Old Sid': The Coseley Swimming Baths Ghost (Dudley, U.K. 1978)

    Bob Warman visits the swimming baths and experiences ghostly happenings. A 1978 Interview with the manager of the baths about their ghost 'Old Sid' and recalling strange events that cannot be explained. We see Bob Warman arriving at the pool, getting changed and finally being pushed into the...
  37. DrPaulLee

    The Ghosts Of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

    I've finally completed it, after two years research, comprising 306 pages. I guarantee most of the nearly 200 stories you will not have heard of before! There's a link to the Amazon page here:
  38. Vardoger

    Ghost Hunters On YouTube Faking It

    I think we can use this thread for Youtubers known for faking paranormal videos. Franko TV is the first one. He was a likeable person making interesting videos, but he has been found to fake it once in a while.
  39. Quercus

    The Beechmount Poltergeist—A Belfast Story

    I've been trying to research a case on and off for a few years now - known locally as The Beechmount Poltergeist, sometimes also referred to as The Woman In Black. It dates from 1989, and the events supposedly took place in a house in Beechmount Grove in West Belfast. This is the book, written...
  40. blessmycottonsocks

    T'Owd Man & Other Caving / Potholing / Spelunking Ghosts

    I couldn't find any other thread covering spooky experiences of those insane folk who get their kicks exploring caves and mines. Feel free to move this into an extant thread if need be. To anyone even slightly claustrophobic (I can get a bit twitchy in lifts and tube trains), this hobby sounds...
  41. Quercus

    The Ditchling Beacon Walker

    Well then, first thread... and I thought I'd start with the tale that brought me back to this forum, in a roundabout way. Story first - and then what came after, in separate posts in case anyone wishes to quote certain sections back at me. Apologies for the length, future posts shouldn't be so...
  42. Yithian

    Old Soldiers' Ghost Tales: Interviews From The IWM

    I've just been filtering through the vast repository of interviews that the Imperial War Museum has made available online. The following are a number of examples of references to ghosts and the supernatural--some are fleeting, others more involved. I have supplied a brief indication of what...
  43. eziofan

    A Haunted Pub Toilet?

    Many years ago I used to drink in a pub in East London called the Kings Head (locally called 'The Nuthouse'). It was quite a big old pub and was situated across the road from West Ham Church which has a history going back to the Norman period. One night, during an after hours "late night...
  44. BaronHardacre

    Terrifying Teeside?

    So, my partner, who is a resident of Middlesbrough, has decided that for Halloween she wants to go somewhere "spooky" for a late night walk. Now, not being from those parts myself, I have no clue if there is anywhere open to the public at night where we could do this, and Google seems to be of...
  45. Ghost In The Machine

    Medieval Ghost Stories

    We've been going to Byland Abbey a fair bit recently - it's English Heritage but open access. Often go in the evening so there is no-one else around. I had a bit of a weird experience there a month or so back - couldn't bring myself to write about it here, at the time because it was only a...
  46. Tempest63

    Allotment Ghosts

    As a reformed believer in all things paranormal it surprises me that, when I’m alone at the allotment, I often get weirded out by the feeling that a presence is near me. I’ve never seen anything there, or if I have, it’s a pigeon or similar flying by that I catch in my peripheral vision. It...
  47. mrs_mose

    Neighbour's House Haunted?

    We have lived in our house since it was built in 2007, we rent it, and the next door house is also rented out. We've seen a few families come and go over the years but we have a new family next door - a young couple and their two year old son. They've lived there for approximately a year now...
  48. psychomania1973

    Old Lady Ghost Still Shopping For Her Dinner?

    Apologies in advance for the long post. I work on counters in a large supermarket. I haven’t been there long. Due to it being a bit short staffed at the moment I’m often working them by myself. At the rear of the counters are the sinks for washing chopping boards, knives etc. Whilst doing this...
  49. Ghost In The Machine

    What Exactly Did Les Dawson See Re. Sid James' Ghost?

    Reading about theatre history and yet again came across stories about Les Dawson seeing the ghost of Sid James, not long before his own death. And it's clear that whatever he saw, was absolutely terrifying. But I can't seem to find an account I thought I found a while back, that did actually...
  50. Richyboyo

    Ghost of A Titanic Construction Worker?

    I read a letter in the August 2012 issue of National Geographic magazine referring to an article in the April edition of the same magazine (which I haven`t yet seen) which stated that in the April issue there was a photo of several workers building the Titanic standing in a line (this would be...