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  1. MorningAngel

    Glitch TV Series

    Did anyone watch this? It’s on Netflix. We watched it and loved it. Here’s the premise if you haven’t. ‘A police officer in a small country town finds his life turned upside down when six recently deceased residents return from the dead in perfect health.’
  2. Ogdred Weary

    Last Voyage Of The Demeter

    A chapter of Dracula expended into a monster/slasher, neat idea, hope its good:
  3. AnonyJ

    Is Actor Tom Hanks A Time Traveller From WW2?

    From Bristol Evening Post 7/8/2023 Man says Tom Hanks could be a time traveller who met his grandad in WW2...Tom Hanks is known for his interest in history and World War Two. He starred in Saving Private Ryan...
  4. gojiramonkey

    Looking For British 70s Horror Series

    Hello. I am trying to find a British horror series from the 70s , only because it had the creepiest title credits I think I've ever seen. There's an eerie street with , I think , blue buildings or houses , possibly with the occasional suitably creepy face in a window that the camera pans across...
  5. MrRING

    Shadowbox: (Faux?) Lost British TV Horror

    Does anybody know anything else about this? Dread Central says this about it:
  6. Zeke Newbold

    Favourite Legendary Crime-Busting Oddballs

    We have a thread on sherlock Holmes, as is right and proper, but I thought it might be appropriate to also have a thread devoted to ficitional detectives in general. The Fortean aspect to this topic* lies not just in the mysterious circumstances that the sleuths have to unravel - but also in...
  7. Tunn11

    TV Ghost Video Locations

    I've been watching some programmes with footage sent in of ghost hunts, phone camera footage, etc. Mostly garbage, but I'm just wondering about the heroic vandals who frequent these places. "Ghost hunters" or "paranormal investigators" or Kevin from farcebook trot off to "investigate" some...
  8. ramonmercado

    Tales Of The Walking Dead

    Tales of the Walking Dead: An anthology series, tales of haunted houses, the origin story of Alpha, the same day repeating itself, someone who observes the walking dead, a cult, going on a road trip. All are worth seeing with Dee, about Alpha (Samantha Morton), then known as Dee, perhaps being...
  9. blessmycottonsocks

    nub TV

    Anyone watching nub TV (as advertised in Fortean Times)? On Sky channel 186, it feels a bit like a mash-up of Wayne's World (albeit with two middle-aged blokes) and the long-defunct Max Headroom show. If you don't mind the quirky and apparently unscripted presentation, with the presenters often...
  10. MrRING

    Mass Séances At The End of the Soviet Union

    This was a weird thing that I had never heard of that made me think a little of Ghost Watch. The MIT Reader brought the story up: As the link mentions: This article is excerpted from Wladimir Velminski’s...
  11. Ogdred Weary

    Harry Potter TV Series In Development I presumed this was coming after GoT got big and before the Rings of Power was announced, making one series (maybe two in some cases) per book makes sense. I think the appeal of HP is pretty specific - to...
  12. lordmongrove

    Gadgetology: The Cult That Worships A Cartoon Mouse

    The Cult That Worships A Cartoon Mouse : Gadgetology If you are going to worship a cartoon mouse make it Dangermouse for f**k's sake (the 89s one not the recent awful reboot.)
  13. merricat

    When The Lights Went Out

    Just watched the film from 2012, no idea how I'd missed that one, but usually shy away from contemporary stock horror, much to my own detriment sometimes. But I loved this, from the wonderfully accurate setting in 1974 Yorkshire to the amazing cast. Has anyone else seen this, and what are your...
  14. Y

    Watching 'Destination Fear' Oddity

    I was watching said programme last weekend, the one where they're in the Winchester Mystery House, and Dakota asks the spirits what word beginning with "E" has he written on a piece of paper. "Electric" was the first word that came in to my mind, then his Ovilus thing shows that word, and he...
  15. Ogdred Weary

    Indiana Jones Thread

    The new trailer has "dropped" as the young (and not very young anymore) people say, I am not really sure what I think other than it doesn't look terrible but there's major uncanny valley in the moment they momentarily show the de-aged Harrison Ford; and whilst genuine age Ford looks fine...
  16. merricat

    West Country Tales & Other Folk Horror Gems

    I tried to locate an existing thread on which to share this yet couldn't find one that felt fitting. Please merge into another if that feels appropriate. I love searching for old folk horror or uncanny fictions on youtube, and have amassed a nice little playlist over the past few years. I...
  17. D

    DVD Release Of FORTEAN TV With Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe!

    Wow, this was a bit unexpected. Network On Air, who have brought all manner of dusty oddments out of the archives, are turning their attention to this oft-discussed-on-here TV series. Pre-orders open, released late November.
  18. MrRING

    James Cameron's Titanic: The PCP Incident

    I don't know how I had never heard of this before!
  19. bakelite brain

    The 'Lost TV Signal' (TX Station KLEE ID 'Received' In UK; 1953)

    Can anyone remember if FT ever published a story about a 'lost TV signal' hoax? The story goes that a programme (or test card) from a long-closed TV station re-appeared years later. Thanks.
  20. MrRING

    The Sandman: TV Show On Neil Gaiman's Dream

    He's doing it, so it should be good!
  21. Victory

    'Pete Beale' From Eastenders (Peter Dean): Two Fortean Occurrences

    One - he and a previously unknown child of his meet through results of DNA testing. Two - he has a vision of his deceased father.
  22. lordmongrove

    Uncanny (BBC Programme / Podcast)

    New wireless series, Uncanny, this episode features the brilliant Peter Laws.
  23. JudSawyer

    Hastings B&B Time Slip(ish) On Vorderman Or Aspel TV Show

    Hello, Do any of you less young people recall an item on either Michael Aspel's 'Strange But True' or Carol Vorderman's 'Out of This World' about a strange B&B in Hastings that may or may not have been lost in time? I cannot find any clips online, nor any other reference. They did one of those...
  24. 王泥喜法介

    A Mandela Effect

    A Chinese actress passed away last year. However, when I heard the news, I noted that the actress had passed away a few months ago. At first I did not take it seriously, however, I accidentally discovered a video that could support my memory. The first photo is a snapshot of the Wikipedia page...
  25. MorningAngel

    Good Omens (TV Series)

    Surely there’s a thread on this. But I can’t find it. Anyhoo have we heard there’s going to be a second series? Not only that but John Finnemore who is ‘brilliant’ is going to co-write it with Neil Gaiman. Exciting.
  26. Tempest63

    Fortean Books Etc, Ripe For TV?

    I see on the Higgy Pop web site that The Battersea Poltergeist is transitioning from a really good podcast to the small screen. That got me thinking...what Fortean/Paranormal books, podcasts or subjects...
  27. Peripart

    Shared Fictional Universes

    Firstly, a small apology. I've had a quick scan through the forums to see whether we had a thread on this, but either we don't have, or the search function still doesn't like me very much. I'm intrigued by the idea of shared fictional universes - not necessarily the big obvious ones, but where...
  28. Aurora Newman

    Curse Of 'The Conqueror' (Cast & Crew Cancer Deaths)

    All the nuclear tests in American deserts is also the reason a lot of the old Western actors like John Wayne died of cancer.
  29. C

    Paranormal Caught On Camera (TV Series)

    I've being watching the program mentioned above and wondering if anybody else thinks that a lot of the stuff is not paranormal? Take this for example... Woman in the woods It's called the woman in the woods, maybe it just is a woman in the woods? And the creature in the Thames in the same...
  30. catseye

    TV Updates

    I've recently had a few days off work and amused myself by watching some 'Ghostly' programmes on Netflix and Prime. I started watching a moderately fascinating series called Ghost Hunters, written and narrated by the inestimable William Woolard. It was two series, made in 1994 and some of the...
  31. Zeke Newbold

    Improbable Derren Brown Stunt

    This has bugged me for years. You may recall that back in the early noughties - circa 2004 or thereabpouts - the illusionist and confidence trickster Derren Brown was a big name on television. This was on the back of a TV series in which he performed a series of fiendish stunts on members of...
  32. dejanmikic

    Witcher (TV Series; Netflix)

    It stars on Dec 20 - I completed the game and saw the trailers and I think I am excited about it.... anyone else?
  33. David Plankton

    British TV Show About Mythical Creatures

    Can you help identify this TV show? It was broadcast in the 1970's on the BBC and the time slot would be mid to late morning during the Summer holidays. Same time they used to show things like 'Why Don't You?' and 'The Banana Splits'. My memory tells me that it was presented by David...
  34. stu neville

    Local TV Weirdness

    Kind of like the Max Headroom Pirate broadcast, this happened about an hour ago here in the West of England. BBC Breakfast handed over to the regional bulletin as per at around 6.55, but instead of the local anchor we got her voice, but something else entirely in vision (which does, oddly, fit...
  35. GNC

    Ghosts (Sitcom)

    New show by the Horrible Histories guys on BBC 1 at 21.30. I read an interview with one of them plugging it, it's about a haunted house. He was asked it it's like Rentaghost, and he said not really - but it does sound like Rentaghost's main rival, The Ghosts of Motley Hall (he didn't mention...
  36. Bad Bungle

    80s Treasure Map TV Programme

    Can anyone remember a documentary on telly from the '80's (maybe) about a young chap who finds or inherits a treasure map and decides to check it's authenticity with a few of his Public School chums and a Film Crew ? I think they wound up on a small uninhabited Caribbean island (may have been...
  37. gattino

    The Fortean Video Archive

    I need a snappier title. But i keep stumbling on iconic original material related to major fortean events of which we've all heard, and instead of starting a new thread for each one thought it might be a good idea to have single thread in which all such stuff can be found and easily accessed...
  38. gattino

    Television Debate On Exorcism (1974)

    Just stumbled on this little gem.. a british audience discussion program following the release of the exorcist. It's fascinating in multiple ways. It gives some credence to the popular belief that the movie strongly upset cinema goers at the time. Just hearing awfully awfully british voices...
  39. GNC

    Horror TV

    Couldn't find a horror TV thread, so to kick one off there's this: Joe Hill's very decent horror novel of a few years back NOS4A2 (or NOS4R2 if you're in the UK) is getting turned into a TV series, with...
  40. Yithian

    The Mr Blobby Thread

    Speaking of unbearable...
  41. onetwothree

    Horror Shorts

    No, not a bad pair of fabric-starved trousers, but the myriad short horror films available online. One of my absolute favourite things to do on the weekend is sit down with a nice glass of wine and creep myself out. Some of my favourites: Lights Out . Obviously. 2am The Smiling Man...
  42. GNC

    LOTR: The Rings Of Power Series

    The news is Amazon are remaking Lord of the Rings for their streaming service. For some reason.
  43. MrRING

    Film Based On Heaven's Gate UFO Cult Before The Mass-Suicide

    I hadn't been previously aware of the existence of this film in all the material I read about Heaven's Gate in the wake of the suicides. The Mysterious Two And it is on YouTube if anybody is interested:
  44. MrRING

    Pea Soup Pranks & London Fog

    I got through recently watching the old thriller flick Midnight Lace with Doris Day, and part of the plot revolved around the idea (early in the story at least) that heavy fog in London led to outrageous pranks being perpetrated. it is one of the reasons the police dispel initial fears that...
  45. kamalktk

    Iron Crotch Kung Fu & Testicular Attacks

    'Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master' shows off ability to take groin hits ------------------------------ This man has got balls. Balls of steel, that is. Meet Master Wei Yaobin, who has built a reputation as an "Iron Crotch...
  46. gattino

    Celebrities & The Paranormal

    Watching the Fugitive reminded me of David "Harry O" Janssen the star of the original tv series. I recall years ago someone on local radio telling Janssen's life story, or more specifically his frequent premonitions including of his own death. Trying to look it up online the only such reference...
  47. ramonmercado

    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    We don't seem to have a specific SF films thread so here is one for SF films unlikely to earn a thread of their own. Starting with: Beta Test: Yes, its Mind Games Forever. Perhaps mixing the traditions of Inception and eXistenZ, Beta Test nevertheless makes its own mark on the SF gamer trope...
  48. ramonmercado

    Fantasy Films

    A Thread for Fantasy Films and about time too! The Huntsman: Winter's War. Friendly but tetchy Dwarfs, ghastly Goblins and miniature Gollum lookalikes who are nice and helpful. Beautiful production design with great costumes and good acting from Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain & Charlize Theron...
  49. Zeke Newbold

    Whither Now For Horror Films?

    So the last horror flick I saw at the kinomatograph was Last Rites, out this year. It has not received much attention and I watched it in an empty theatre, albeit at a late night showing. I quite enjoyed it but it did get me thinking as to where horror films need to go next. The particular...
  50. Dinobot

    Godzilla Movies

    Any Godzilla fans out there? Favourite films? I like Tokyo S.O.S and any involving Mothra.