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‘Proof’ Of Cannock Chase Bigfoot (UK)

None of those things cause hallucinations though. They have been proposed by pro-paranormal people because they sound sciencey and reasonable but the world doesn't work that way. People describing what they are prone to believe, however, does result in strange reports. The brain, as you said, can create/enhance the weirdness. If people believe there is something weird going on, they will see lots more things to interpret as "weird".
In this case i think it s just that the guy is talking bo**ocks.
Mr Brickley gets a good kick in the nether-regions from Hayley Stevens:


“Of course, I don’t know who planted the footprint, but I certainly know who found it and went to the press with it: Mr Lee “Guillable” Brickley. Awkward…”

Hayley has also reviewed his first book that featured the Pigman:


Dear Lee Brickley,
I expect that you don’t think very highly of me after I gave your book a critical review, and you’ve blocked me on Twitter but I really hope that you’ll hear me out. You are just one year older than me and yet it seems that our approaches to the paranormal are completely different. The nonsense you pulled with the Black Eyes Kids sightings was pretty bad, Lee. Surely you know that eyewitness testimony isn’t evidence? But, to claim that Slenderman is now in the area? That’s pretty out there. Sure, people have reported seeing “tall” creatures for a long time the world over – especially in the context of fairy sightings, for example, but you have linked the sightings reported in your area to Slenderman and then you have made the claim that this legend is centuries old when it most certainly isn’t. It is an urban legend created online. I think it’s really dishonest to say otherwise.”

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