Are There Other Good Yeti And Cryptozoology Forums?


Abominable Snowman
Nov 3, 2009
To newbear: suggestions in addition to, recommended by oldrover -- I assume that you have at any rate some interest in North America's Bigfoot. There are a couple of forums, both of which I frequent a fair bit, both busy and active, which focus rather strongly on that particular cryptid. Both these forums take an interest in theory, in "mysterious hairy bipeds" elsewhere in the world too; but both are US-based, and in practice the great majority of the attention goes to Bigfoot in North America.

These forums are: -- chiefly frequented by proponents of Bigfoot's existence as a flesh-and-blood creature, but with some sceptical input; and the JREF Forum ( forums/ ) -- very strongly sceptical, on a great variety of topics; but taking a lot of interest in Bigfoot, with many long threads on the topic over the years; said threads contain much interesting and worthwhile information re Bigfoot lore, with some "bucking-the-trend" participation by Bigfoot proponents. To access archived threads on JREF, one would need to use the "search" facility (best key-word obviously "bigfoot"), to do which one needs to register on the forum.