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Here is some exciting news about an upcoming cryptozoology conference in Sydney, Australia. I'll post more details next week.


Paul Cropper


Media Release. Sydney, Australia, 29 September 2001

Bunyips, Tigers, Yowies and Big Cats...
Australia's mysterious monsters are set to emerge from the shadows.

Australia's first monster-hunting conference, Myths & Monsters 2001, will be held in Sydney on Saturday October 20, 2001

Australia's leading experts on bunyips, Big Cats, Tassie Tigers and the hairy, ape-like Yowie will meet for the first time to share reports, compare findings and plot the best approach to solving mysteries that have puzzled and fascinated generations of Australians.

Among the stellar line-up of speakers will the Australian National
University's Dr. Helmut Loofs-Wissowa; Rex Gilroy, the self-styled "father" of Yowie research in Australia; Dean Harrison from Queensland-based yowie-hunting group Australian Yowie Research and well-known authors of the Australian monster-bible 'Out of the Shadows', Paul Cropper and Tony Healy.

Topics will cover the entire spectrum of Australia's 'monsters', including:

- The Bunyip, slimy terror of Outback billabongs

- The enigmatic Tasmanian Tiger, presumed extinct since 1936

- Australia's version of the hairy ape-like Bigfoot, the Yowie

- Giant puma and panther-like cats roaming the bush

- Huge birds stalking the skies

- Mysterious sea creatures around our shores

The conference promises to blow the lid wide open on our mysterious monsters, revealing new evidence and challenging the skeptics.

Organiser Rebecca Lang, of paranormal ezine Strange Nation
( says the conference will be a turning point for Australia's greatest zoological mysteries. "Our speakers are Australia's leading experts in the field of mystery animal research - also known as cryptozoology, the science of 'hidden' animals - and they will stun the scientific world with their findings," Ms Lang said. "Anyone who thinks they know everything about our natural history is in for a nasty shock!"

For further details and to arrange interviews with selected speakers please call Rebecca Lang on (Sydney Australia) 0416 018 854 or email [email protected]

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Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 7, 2001
Smells Down Under

...and I'm not talking pants here (or am I?)

The Conference starts off with the Yowie, who doesn't get as much publicity as Bigfoot and yeti, so I thought I'd give him a plug.

What do we think, folks? Bad smells are frequently associated with hauntings too, and those who claim to have been abducted often say that the interior of the 'ship' is smelly.

For those who prefer (slightly) more fragrant subjects, another bouncing bundle of botheration from the well named Land of Oz:


Australian Cryptozoology conference

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