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Oct 29, 2002
East of Suez
Ok, looks as though my little brother has decided that the family are flying out to Barbados in November for his wedding in the sun (following much debate - Kenya didn't look so safe of late).

With this in mind can anyone think of any local forteana? A quick google turns up several references to the 'creping/moving coffins' but nothing terribly explicitive so i throw the thread open to you chaps.

I have never been to barbados but one thing you can see in the Carribbean is the green flash. This is a flash of green on the horizon when the sun sets and lasts for a second or so. If you see it you will never be decieved in matters of the heart or something like that. It means that the skies are bone dry.

In the carribbean most fortean things are classified under the general term 'Duppies' (ghosts). You could see if you could find any books about duppies once you are there.

Bear in mind that it is a small island and you can see everything there is in a few days and anything unusual has probably already been turned into a restaraunt
Sorry top dredge this up, again-- but I've always been fascinated
with the moving coffins of Barbados!

Here is a recent link, nothing too new here, but
it is still a fascinating story:

Link is dead. Relatively non-informative article can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:


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