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Bashall Eaves Ghost



I was sent this sighting last year can anyone provide more information about this area?

"It was around 1979/80 and I had recently come out of hospital after an operation. I took my best friend. J and her husband for a meal at the 'Red Pump Inn' at Bashall Eaves near Clitheroe.

After a good night , we got into the car and set off home, asking K (J's Husband) to drive carefully as I was still sore from the operation and the road was not very good. After driving for only a few minutes K let out a scream and braked hard swerving the car almost into a field. He jumped out of the car, looked under and around it and was quite shaken. When he got back in the car, we asked what the hell he was doing, he was as white as a sheet, and was convinced he had seen a woman in the middle of the road and had run over her. We all then got out to check but there was nothing at all to see, and in the following few days no reports of any accidents in the area.

Later we heard that there had been quite a few sightings of a woman in the road, but no-one seemed to know who it was, although many years ago there was a murder in the village of Bashall Eaves and all investigations were met with a 'wall of silence'. It is a murder that has remained unsolved. I must add that K had never believed in the supernatural , he thought that after death is like before birth--nothingness, but after that incident he now reserves judement."

All I can find about Bashall Eaves is the murder and appearance of the ghost of John Dawson who was mysteriously shot in 1934. His ghost is seen in the hedgerows of Bashall Eaves, possibly looking for clues.
Hermes, please

Once again, this is right up Hermes' alley.

If you'd like, you could go to his site: http://www.roadghosts.com/

Great story! You don't hear too many of those stateside.