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Does anyone know of any hauntings to the south of birmingham??

my new house has been built on the site of the old mental hospital...nothing to report yet :cool:
Thanks for the links...

the one below is approx 1/2 mile from me :eek:

In a report to Colin Smith, Mrs. Edna Jefferies relates another instance of a telepathic phantom image being seen within hours of the death of a friend. In 1966, when a nurse at Bromsgrove General Hospital she was waiting for a number 144 `bus to take her to work for the afternoon duty when she saw the figure of a friend of hers, John Bevan walking towards her. As it was some three years since they had actually met, she rather wondered whether he had recognised her. She smiled and greeted him, Hello John, what brings you to this neck of the woods?'. Edna was shocked at the response for John ignored her and continued to look straight ahead. 'Very intensely and never glanced at me. He looked terribly ill, and I called his name again'. The 'bus arrived and with great concern she boarded the vehicle and anxious to see her friend again she looked through the window but the road was empty'. No shops, no side road John had vanished'. Later that day when she came off duty she met another mutual friend and told him of seeing John Bevan and her concern over his appearance. She described the clothes accurately but was puzzled as to why she was asked the question concerning his appearance.

`The reason was that John Bevan died here two days ado`, she was told. This fact was confirmed by a visit to the hospital mortuary. Perhaps other travellers might have noticed a solitary man who looks` terribly ill walking towards the 144 `bus stop and then suddenly disappearing? If so don't be frightened. John Bevan if that is who it is was a kindly man.