Boko Haram Islamist Cult


Aug 19, 2003
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New book, based on the secret diary of one of the abducted girls, reveals how they risked beatings and death to defy their captors.

Had the Nigerian government not refused the offer of a British special forces mission to rescue the girls, this dreadful story would probably have ended sooner. Instead, Nigeria initially sent their own forces in a bodged attempt to rescue the girls, killing 10 of them, and then struck a deal with Boko Haram to free some of the girls, in exchange for releasing a number of convicted terrorists from jail.
Normally I'd agree with you on this but here we are talking about a large number of hostages being held at quite a distance into rough country. Not a job for the SAS on their own, them plus maybe 2 companies of Paratroopers or Royal Marines or Nigerian units. Even if the hostages could be freed and the BH forces neutralised you would then have to get the girls out. Maybe a forced march to a helicopter landing site. Quite a lot of logistics involved in putting such a mission together. and then carrying it out.

The Special Boat Squadron was involved in an attempt to rescue two hostages (British & Italian) in 2012 but BH murdered both while the attack was taking place. This may have influenced the Nigerian government's attitude.