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Thanks for that, Thelmadonna!

Watch out for those dodgy guys in monks habits sneaking through the streets....(see previous threads....)!!! :)
So they still have the ufo cam up and running then!
I think I read some where that not far from Bonnybridge there is a "dissused" NATO air base that just hapens to be the longest hard air strip in western Europe, and oddly enough the only one long enough for a stealth bomber to use.

Probably not true but fun just the same;)

Bagins said:
I think I read some where that not far from Bonnybridge there is a "dissused" NATO air base that just hapens to be the longest hard air strip in western Europe, and oddly enough the only one long enough for a stealth bomber to use.

Probably not true but fun just the same;)


How come they had one at Fairford a few years back then :confused:
I'm assuming they don't have that webcam anymore. If you go to their Webcam page, there's no mention of it (that I could find, I didn't look too hard).

I looked for an alternative, but I couldn't find one :(
Bagins said:
I think I read some where that not far from Bonnybridge there is a "dissused" NATO air base that just hapens to be the longest hard air strip in western Europe, and oddly enough the only one long enough for a stealth bomber to use.

Probably not true but fun just the same;)


The airstrip i think your referring to is called "Machrinhanish", and at about 3 miles long it has a runway long enough to land any known aircraft.

I think the reason that the US used this airfield for Stealth flights and such was more the remoteness of the location, hence the lowered risk of having their expensive hardware eyeball'd by the general populace than if they came in at Brize Norton or elsewhere.

Interestingly, the US SeeBee's (US NAval Construction force) had a tour of duty at this airbase in 1974, here's a link:

so there's every chance that some of the stories of "secret underground constructions" that people on other websites discuss may have a grain of truth about them.

The register also has an article about the Chinook that crashed off the Scottish coast a few years ago, killing most of the British-based Northern Irish Intelligence officers we had, and how this wasn't due to the pilot flying into the ground at 100 knots, but the result of ongoing US Black Baq flights from this location. Complete bunkum i'd have reckoned but here's the link anyway:
http://www.theregister.co.uk/2000/07/10 ... ne_caused/

Anyway, back on thread...
:hmph: How come all that UFO stuff started up after I left the area?

(and my brother is still convinced it's all the work of a pub owner with a halogen torch :roll: )

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i drove up there a couple of years ago
the only odd thing i could note was the very large electrical sub station
at one end of the village....
it seemed that this was the only village in the area we drove through with a one ,thats it..
Are you sure that was at one end of the village? I seem to recall it being a few miles away, unless the town's expanded in the last 15 years ... ?
yep its at the far side of the village and its about the same size as the one that supplys durham city,making it impoosibly large for a small village in scotland.
I'm not entirely sure if I'm thinking of the right place or not, there is a huge sub station somewhere around there ...

Bonnybridge is an off-shoot of the larger town Denny (comprises Denny, Dunipace, Stoneybridge, Bonnybridge, err someother little town, I think there's 6 "hamlets" all told - but my memory's shite), so the area as a whole would need a big sub-station
Hiya Folks, I noticed an interest in the Bonnybridge UFO Cam, sad to say it no longer exists.

I include a webpage that includes a map of the local area

http://getamap.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/get ... ng=FK4+2AP

It shows the electricity sub-station, just to the right of it, where it says Bogton, this is where UFO Park is supposed to be built.


There is a webcam that looks towards The Ochil Hills, you may be lucky and catch something on it.
http://www.camvista.com/scotland/edinbu ... bridge.php
so more to the point whats the link(if there is one)
what is it thats strange about said sub station or is there nowt at all strange about it and its irrelevant?
Well the substation's been there for years (I can remember watching the cooling towers being dismantled in the late '70's) Macrihannish is on Kintyre so nowhere near Bonnybridge. As for the other stuff well it started in the late '70's. It all got blown out of proportion in the '90's with Billy Buchannan and his nonsense. Was anything actually going on? Well lots of people saw stuff (myself included) and continue to do so albeit not so frequently. I no longer live in Bonnybridge but my dad does. Last time I asked him about UFOs he just looked cagey and said, "we don't talk about that stuff any more."
therealficolley - could you expand a little bit on the "other stuff" which you mention happening from the late '70s.

I thought the principle event in central (ish) scotland in the late '70s was the Dechmont/Bangouer incident in '79.

Hi ginjabadja. Only just seen your last. I’m going to show my Fortean ignorance as I don’t know what the Dechmont/ Bangouer incident is (I’ve Googled but it doesn’t bring anything up.) I thought my experiences were on this thread but they’re actually on two separate postings on another thread called “Culture of Fear in Bonnybridge”. Here they are, slightly edited for where I repeat myself:

#1….I grew up in Bonnybridge. The UFO sightings started in the '70's. I'm pretty sceptical about UFOs (or to be more precise whether UFOs = aliens) but I saw a couple of pretty weird things back in '76 and '79 that I can't explain. Back in those days most people would admit to having seen "something" that they couldn't quite explain. Sadly for the locals there was Billy Buchannan in the '90's who started banging on about being in touch with aliens and thereafter anyone with any sense kept schtum . The fear the original poster experienced is most likely fear of ridicule nothing more. Bonnybridge is a typical central Scottish town with it's roots in the Foundry business and the locals tend to be pretty no nonsense and not much given to the fey or otherworldly.

The town failed to capitalise on any interest (unlike Roswell or Rachel where you can't move for UFO tat and tourists) which is a shame as it might have given the town a much needed boost. The last time I was there it was sad to see how run down Bonnybridge Toll had become. Then again Buchannan's shenanigans had caused so much ridicule to be heaped on the town perhaps it's understandable that the locals wanted to distance themselves.

#2….Reading this post got me thinking about my own “UFO experiences” in Bonnybridge . Blimey…over 30 years ago! The first happened one evening in November ’77. I was 12 and home alone with my older brother. I had just gone out to get some coal from the bunker (well, it was the ‘70’s) when I saw in the distance a flattened dull red cigar shaped object. It was difficult to judge how far away it was, perhaps half a mile. I called my brother and we both watched it for 10-15 minutes whilst it hung motionless. It then started to move very slowly in the direction of Grangemouth and then suddenly shot off at very high speed. My dad arrived home about five minutes later and had seen the same thing as he was walking home.

The second incident wasn’t a sighting but a hearing. It was New Year’s eve 1979 at about 11.30pm. There was a sound that I can only describe as being like scores of WWII style bombers flying overhead. The entire street was out looking at the sky but the cloud level prevented us from seeing anything. The noise lasted for about 5 minutes then stopped suddenly.

As I said in my earlier post, Bonnybridge is not the sort of place given to flights of supernatural fancy (although that being said there’s a great poltergeist story in my family and my uncle once disturbed what he described as a black mass as he walked home one night through the woods towards Stenhousemuir. ) :twisted:

I moved away in 1981 but my dad still lives there I recently asked him if there were still sightings. He looked a bit cagey and said, “yeah, but we don’t talk about them any more”
Hi therealficolley - thanks for the update. Interesting stuff there. I hadn't realised that there was activity so long ago in the Bonnybridge area - or that it was still on going. Will look for that thread you mentioned.

I'll need to catch up with some friends I have near Falkirk (Polmont really) 'cause thewy've mentioned some odd stuff from their school days. Vaguely remeber it was some weirdness to do with the woods in Callendar Park and the Union Canal towpath. And of course "The Pilot" seen around the old ICI works in Grangemouth. I think he's been seen recently though the ICI/Zeneca site is long gone.

They did tell me about some of the stuff Billy Buchanan had done, and they think he'd been sent up quite badly over the "Zallus" (sp?) episode. Shame as he was meant to be a decent local councillor.

BTW - The Dechmont incident I mentiojned was the one near Livingston when Bob Taylor the forestry worker had a very close encounter with something on Dechmont Law in Novemeber 1979.
Of course, now you mention the incident in Livingston I know what you mean. Sorry for the delay in replying. I used to spend all day on the FTMB in my last job. Bonnybridge is always worth a visit if you're up that way anyway. I can remember being taken for walks up towards the Antonine Wall to a place called Elf Hill next to St Katharine's loch. Even as a child I was aware of the "different" atmosphere in that area. I alway felt that I had gone back in time.

My initial experience must have been '77 I think or perhaps winter '76. My dad also saw several odd things in the sky. "Stars" that sudddenly changed direction etc. At one point it was a case of if you wanted to see something odd you just had to sit outside look at the sky and be patient.
The History Channel ( U.S. ) recently had a program about UFOs in Bonnybridge, Scotland and one of the UFO events was the only known criminal assault charge from a UFO.

In November 9, 1979 forrest worker, Robert Taylor, saw a UFO in front of him that released two metal spheres that grabbed and attacked him.

He was hurt, his clothes torn, and there were many tracks from the two metal balls.

The police had no choice but to file an assault charge against the UFO.

I recall someone, possibly Andy Roberts, writing about how Robert Taylor's torn trousers used to be brought out and exhibited at UFO conferences (no, Taylor wasn't in them at the time).

Is funny you mention his trousers, because the program also brought out the trousers to show how the legs had carefully made cuts that went upwards.

Supposedly the trousers were government tested and the conclusion was a mechanical device was totally responsible for making the holes not ripping or tearing which was classified as bizarre.

The rolling balls with spikes made in a pattern lots and lots of heavy, deep, depressions in the ground.

The physical evidence was a lot.

Taylor said the freaky part was the main UFO would phase in and out of sight.

Is this a dimensional thing ?

The town erected a marker for all the visitors that come.