Call For N.E. Scotland Legends & Folklore


Fresh Blood
Oct 16, 2019
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Hello all

I wanted to let you know about an upcoming event in the Aberdeen area that is looking at local folklore and legends from across the North-East of Scotland and how people understand and retell these tales.

The Local Legends event is being organised by a team from the Robert Gordon University and is part of a funded project for the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. We are looking for Scottish (specifically NE Scotland) legends that you are familiar with, or perhaps have a personal connection to. These will be displayed and shared with the local community at a free exhibition on the 3rd November, along with some information about how social science shape our understanding of storytelling. There is more information (and a chance to contribute) here:

Please do share your stories via the above link, or share the website with anyone you think would be interested. For anyone in the area, please do feel free to pop in on the 3rd and say hello. If anyone has any general queries, I will do my best to answer them here.

Thanks for your help!

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