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Canadian Ghost Enquiry


Devoted Cultist
Apr 27, 2020
A few months ago I was watching random YouTube videos about Canada, because Mrs T and myself are going there on holiday in September.

One of the videos told various ghost tales, mostly of the fairly straightforward haunted house type, but one story really stood out. Of course, I cannot find the particular video again, so I was wondering if anyone can help out.

As far as I can remember, the story told of a couple who went jogging on the same route through a local park every morning. Their path led them along the base of a cliff and one morning, stood on the edge of the cliff, they saw a young woman. She was stood with her head thrown back, her mouth open as though screaming and with her arms held out in front of her. She was wearing a light top, with dark trousers, or it might have been the other way round. The joggers continued to see her every morning for a few days, and from what I can recall, the figure was also seen by others, including employees of the park. The story concluded with the discovery of a female corpse nearby. The corpse was dressed in the opposite way to that of the figure, almost as though the figure was a negative image. I think that the figure was seen once more, but dressed as the corpse was. Does this story sound familiar to anyone?
Long shot but TV programme called Creepy Canada lists series 3 episode 9 "Kent Cliffs" although they are in Putnam County New York USA, but no more details. Area has stone chambers etc so may be nothing like your story. Sounds an interesting tale though.
Thanks for looking, but no, it's none of those.

The only other information that I can offer is that the story seems to have taken place within the last 20 years or so, and the park involved was in an urban area. This is a problem when trying to find clues on Google, as it invariably throws up stories relating to National Parks.